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Last Post 05 Nov 2017 09:25 AM by  chris
04 c5z06 SSP/CAM
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04 Oct 2017 09:27 AM

    Keeping another year

    2004 z06 last year of model SSP or CAM-S Class, still has AC, stereo and a steering wheel. 65k miles most of which are highway driving to & from events. The car is located Richmond Va.


    Koni Yellow 
    Front Spherical Rod Ends from strano parts
    graphite impregnated Derlin Control Arm Bushings
    Strano Performance Adjustable rear Sway Bar
    Hotchkiss Front Sway Bar
    Whiteline Adjustable Endlinks
    Hyperco HPT Front Spring
    ZIPS Camber Kit "offsett blocks to lock camber in place"


    coleman front and rear 2 Piece Rotors From Zips Worn but no cracks

    ferrodo (Front)

    Hawk HP+ Pads (Rear)
    Zips SS Brake Lines

    SSR stocker size 17x9.5f18x10.5R
    Spare set of c6z06 replica stock wheels
    Sorry 18x11 18x12 CCW's sold 

    Callaway Honker Air Intake have stock shroud
    Frost Custom Tune
    LG super pro Longtube Headers with High flow cats
    Elite Catch Can
    Racing Plug Wires + Cool Sox
    Amzoil doinator oil every 1k miles
    ACT twin clutch with lightweight chromoly flywheel
    Single tip dual exaust


    Corbeau alcanterra folding w/ sliders
    MGW Short Shifter + derlin Knob
    double din bluetooth stereo replacement


    8 inch rear spoiler custom
    covert Trailer hitch
    1/4" Thick Aluminum Ceramic Coated Tunnel Plate

    Set of stock size re71r


    stock front spring
    stock rear sway
    stock front sway

    extra set of koni yellow singles

    ARP front carbon splitter not currently installed

    harbour freight tire trailer


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    04 Oct 2017 09:52 AM

    more pics


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    08 Oct 2017 04:15 AM
    How bad are the areas that need paint?

    In the pics, it just looks like cone rash.

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    09 Oct 2017 01:23 PM

    Can't upload good enough pictures but look closely around the blinker you will see paint cracks in the corners seems to be a common c5 problem , nailed a frozen cone in 10 degree weather and a flake of paint 4"x 3" just came off , sprayed it with paint match and didn't bother with it . The rear bumper is scratched up around the top declid area from misc iterations of  spoilers and experimenting. The fiberglass is cracked and broken around the jacking pucks on the underside of the car which you can't see unless you lay down on the ground with a flashlight. 

    imo paint looks fantastic for an autox car

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    11 Oct 2017 09:26 AM
    Please send me pics to loudes13 at yahoo.

    When I read "front and rear bumper and decklid need paint", I'm curious how bad it is.

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    05 Nov 2017 09:25 AM


    I'm going to keep it another year