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2 Replies and 525 Views One half of eleven is five point five (how many events count?)  525  2 Started by  sburkett So I read the supps and did a search, sorry if it has been stated elsewhere.  But I'll go ahead and post since I know that I'm not the only one who isn't sure. How many events count toward the solo championship this year  5.51 'rounds up' to seven but I'm not sure if that's the intent. Is it six  Or seven  Thanks! Steven  
2 525
by  sburkettJump to last post
12 Aug 2013 01:19 PM
0 Replies and 451 Views Photos from Event 7 (8/11/2013)  451  0 Started by  gryniz Dane Iwata was kind enough to take photos at yesterday's event and he said you can email him at if you are interested in them.  He also has a Facebook page at   Thank you Dane!
0 451
12 Aug 2013 12:55 PM
7 Replies and 1094 Views Gateway Majors race  1094  7 Started by  RX555 Could have sworn there was a thread on this, but don't see one.  In case you missed it, there is a bigger than usual road race at GMP Aug. 2-4.  It's a Majors race and is the last point race for two divisions, so we are hoping for a good turnout.  73 entered so far, but am sure there will be lots of last minute entries. Reason I'm posting this is we need help from the members to volunteer.  There will be lots of experienced people around to show you the ropes.  Generall...
7 1094
by  RX555Jump to last post
08 Aug 2013 03:00 AM
7 Replies and 790 Views 2013 Solo Charity Event 9-21 & 9-22  790  7 Started by  gidtup I have always loved doing charity events to give back to the community, so I have offered to do the one for 2013 and Tom DeYoung agrees!  This one is very special to me as it personal.    2013 St. Louis Region Solo Charity Event and RAFFLE to be held September 21-22, 2013 Family Arena   RAFFLE ITEMS Nikon CoolPix L820 Camera with Case and Memory Card ($289.99 Value) – donated by Solo Performance Specialties Canon PowerShot SX160IS with Case and Memory Card $...
7 790
by  Bryan SJump to last post
07 Aug 2013 11:45 PM
0 Replies and 1312 Views Still need writers for Nationals  1312  0 Started by  spitfire4gp    The 'discount' entry deadline for Nationals is this Friday and I still need a few more people to cover classes for SportsCar -- at least one person for Tuesday-Wednesday and two for Thursday-Friday.    But then, so far the entry is barely past 900 cars! I guess everyone's waiting for the last minute to decide to come, but that last minute is nigh.    If you're planning to come, I could sure use your help. While it’s easier if you’re there all four d...
0 1312
06 Aug 2013 09:21 PM
5 Replies and 2928 Views New Run-Work Order Posted  2928  5 Started by  TD53 Run heats have been adjusted in order to keep them more balanced. Most classes aren't affected but it's worth taking a look. Please allow a few days for Motorsportreg to be updated.
5 2928
by  sgreer78Jump to last post
06 Aug 2013 03:28 PM
11 Replies and 1077 Views Say hello to our new Solo Bus  1077  11 Started by  TD53 Ol' Rusty is being put to pasture. We found this beast at an unbeatable value. Picking her up on Saturday. It's a 1999 Bluebird TC2000 Transport Bus with a 350 hp Cummins ISX diesel engine, Allison transmission, and dual rooftop AC units. Chassis has under 65,000 miles, engine and transmission less than 12,000 (started life as a natural gas bus for the Air Force before being converted to Diesel in 2006). Overall it's around 8 or 9 ft longer than our current bus, but with over 15 feet more i...
11 1077
by  gidtupJump to last post
31 Jul 2013 02:52 PM
20 Replies and 1411 Views 2 Heats?  1411  20 Started by  47CP
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
I don't want to take away from the many positives of event 5 & 6, so hopefully this can be a constructive discussion. Do we really need to go to 2 heat events with 80 and 100 entrants Why What can we do to get event worker overhead under control to fix the above problem 2 heat events suck.  They suck for entrants, they aren't efficient because the changeover takes forever, and they triple suck for workers stuck on course for 2 and 3 hours. We can't do the split heat format with ...
20 1411
by  flickeryJump to last post
28 Jul 2013 10:33 PM
2 Replies and 620 Views Event 5 Pictures  620  2 Started by  KyleMert My dad was out during the first heat on Saturday and got some pictures. Check out the above link to see yourself in action.
2 620
by  kyooJump to last post
25 Jul 2013 11:41 AM
21 Replies and 1773 Views Events 5 and 6  1773  21 Started by  christoc
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Thanks to everyone who made 5 and 6 run pretty smoothly this weekend. Besides the delays in getting started, I think things ran rather smoothly. Looks like 5 results are up Congrats to Tom for the Index win on Saturday and JJ for the win on Sunday.  I was .048 back on Saturday and .049 back on Sunday.... At least I minimized the points lost   
21 1773
by  ljmattoxJump to last post
25 Jul 2013 08:00 AM
2 Replies and 578 Views Miata Parts FS:  578  2 Started by  sgreer78 sold
2 578
by  sgreer78Jump to last post
23 Jul 2013 12:44 PM
0 Replies and 664 Views The wrong way to finish at Saturday's event  664  0 Started by  christoc
0 664
20 Jul 2013 11:23 PM
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