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Last Post 27 Jun 2016 11:24 PM by  Autolex
Making a Detailed Map of a Facility
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27 Jun 2016 02:45 PM

    So I'm guessing someone on here knows all the answers because of the site/course maps I've seen generated. I'm considering a project at GMP to detail/ grid, a facility map, probably starting with an areal photo. I run the "Joint Operations Center / Command Center" at Gateway for the 'major events'; and use both areal photo and a graphic representation of the facility to help direct police and medical crews to specific locations. Years ago we did have a graphic that was 'grided' with x/y coordinates to find a general location, and at a minimum I want to recreate that. I believe the earlier attempts of a 'card' carried by the staff in the field weren't large enough to allow the 'pin pointing' of a location. With better resolution field staff could request assistance at "C-12" and respondents dispatched close enough to find the issue. This 'hard copy', grid superimposed over a photo or graphic, may suffice in most instances.

    However with today's GPS and smart phones etc., an electronic based system could be much more accurate and speed up response. Most 'hard' locations at GMP, buildings, gates, etc., have an alphanumerical designations and these as well as 'dynamic' points of operations like ticketing, vendors, and even pit locations would be entered into a database and displayed visually and geo-position outputted to specify location  and guide assets directly to the site. Within the JOC/CC the location could be brought up on a screen/grid and displayed to the dispatcher, and in the field the database could be downloaded or at least accessed by phone and a GPS App could be used by the 'first responders' to give them the actual directions to the specific location. Additionally, "IF" a field staffer could 'send' their specific GPS location to the JOC/CC - database - then they could be found with no other physical location info needed.

     Examples, 'FS' requests police at 'Gate 26' > dispatch pulls up the location on screen and can see the 'grid location' and determine the nearest responder who can then access  the database to direct themselves. "Orange West" parking is a nearly 1 mile long roadway with 'some' gates along it - and many labeled utility poles - but too much distance between them to always find a designation nearby. "Brown South" parking is the entire 'drag parking lot' used for Solos. If a 'FS' could specify a GPS location in these environments it would eliminate all the guesswork as to where to go. Since the vast majority of all needed assistance is for police or medical personnel, the speed of response is often critical.

    Any and ALL information, guidance, options, etc., and from multiple sources since I have no comparisons, would be greatly appreciated. I am also starting all this with NO real experience or knowledge of GPS and smart phone equipment, or Apps, so kid gloves please.  ;)  THANKS in advance!  Mike Byington  midaby at gmail dot com

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    27 Jun 2016 11:24 PM

    I'd love to talk to you in person/on the phone.

    Shot you an email with my phone number and contact info.

    Dean Rhodes and I were discussing doing this for just the Drag lot (just for autocross course placement) a few weeks back, but the same thing can be applied really easily to the whole facility with a bit of extra effort.

    Alex Narconis
    Alex Narconis - #24 C Street