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Last Post 22 Nov 2016 04:21 PM by  Eileen
Results - By-Laws Proposals Passed
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22 Nov 2016 04:21 PM

    At the annual meeting held November 21 all of the proposed by-law proposals passed:

    - correcting spelling, puncuation, etc.

    - adding article on gender

    - adding article on non-discrimination

    - separating earnings/dissolution from progpaganda/legislation 

    - change officer terms to two years; alternate R.E. & Secretary in even numbered years and Asst. R.E. & Treasurer in odd numbered years 

    - change to at least one member of the Club is nominated for each officer position 

    - change to notice of nominees is immediately following the September board meeting & any 10 members may nominate any qualified member to the Secretary by September 30 

    - clarified that the elections are held at the November meeting 

    - added naming structure to clarify President/R.E. and V.P./Assistant R.E.

    Thanks to all who voted absentee (mail), online, or in person. 

    Thanks to Carla Russo and Kristy Reiss for tabulating the results.