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Last Post 29 Jun 2017 12:48 PM by  JimL
Looking for workers for Grid and Timing/Scoring
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29 Jun 2017 12:48 PM

    STL Autocrossers:

    Do you hate chasing cones?

    Would you like to know what your work assignment was before you arrive at check-in on the day of the race? 

    If you answered yes to either of those questions Rob and Jim can help.

    We are currently looking for volunteers to help man the timing & scoring positions and add additional grid workers. 

    But, I don't know anything about those positions? No problem, training is free and looks nice on your resume! (Just kidding about the resume part...)

    Seriously, both of these positions are very important to first, keep the flow of cars on track at a pace where we can guarantee 6 runs, and second ensure that runtimes are recorded properly and delays are avoided to the maximum extent possible.

    If you are interested please reach out to Rob Kammerer (Timing & Scoring) and Jim Lynch (Grid)