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26 Replies and 1671 Views The Camaro/Firebird Becomes a Sports Compact "Corvette" in 2004?  1671  26 Started by  NBM LS1 M6
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Will the Camaro/Firebird F-body platform become an entry level sports compact 'Corvette' in 2004 This article implies that is the direction GM is headed as the Corvette becomes a separate line of cars like the Saturn &91url='http://www.autofieldguide.com/articles/0301chev.html'&93http://www.autofieldguide.com/articles/0301chev.html&91/URL&93Bob &91This message has been edited by NBM LS1 M6 (edited March 02, 2001...
26 1671
by  Hard-driver57Jump to last post
29 Mar 2001 04:21 PM
4 Replies and 638 Views Easy Way to Get Sponsor Funding  638  4 Started by  chrismcmurry I know, the subject line sounds to good to be true. But, it's the real deal ... I've already funded 3/5th of my 2001 racing budget of $200,000 through a special arrangement I have with MCIWorldcom, the global leader in telecommunications, and I'm looking for more drivers interested in doing the same.The program is simple. Refer business accounts to MCIWorldcom and they will pay you a 3 percent commission off of the monthly billings of each account you refer.I've contacted my own network of busin...
4 638
by  Patrick WashburnJump to last post
28 Mar 2001 06:51 PM
2 Replies and 514 Views Silly question...  514  2 Started by  Rev2Red What's the minimum required size for numbers on the side of your car And what's the minimum size for the letter classification Sorry. i'd find this out for myself but i'm new to SCCA. Thanks for any help guys!Ryan Graf
2 514
by  Hard-driver57Jump to last post
28 Mar 2001 10:12 AM
1 Replies and 484 Views ProSolo pics - Ft Myers  484  1 Started by  floridaracer I finally got around to scanning some of the pics I took. They are under the 'race pictures' section of my site------------------Mike - 80 Z/28Solo2 CP. soon to be Street Mod!&91url='http://www.floridaracer.com'&93www.floridaracer.com&91/URL&93
1 484
by  JUJ13Jump to last post
28 Mar 2001 06:11 AM
0 Replies and 509 Views Headlights?  509  0 Started by  cryptopsy Does anyone know where I can order some good new headlights for my 2000 firebird online THanks
0 509
22 Mar 2001 06:43 PM
15 Replies and 1011 Views Racing a time trial at lime rock, a bit nervous about killing my car...any experience  1011  15 Started by  DaveG I will be running my mitisibushi 3000GT on a time trial at lime rock park in CT. Is there any special type of insurance you can purchase for these types of events (besides calling my current agent, they'd probably drop me in a min. if they knew I was racing the car). Have you had any experience in racing time trials on a track How safe for my car Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, a nervous racer...
15 1011
by  BrianCunninghamJump to last post
22 Mar 2001 01:25 PM
5 Replies and 620 Views Any one race a Mitsibushi 3000GT?  620  5 Started by  DaveG This will be the first year I will be racing my '96 3000GT - no, unfortunately it's not the vr-4 model but it still has 222hp before mods.What mods. would you recommend completing other then new tires, exhaust from cat back and a K&N FIPK that are 'cost effective'. Someone mentioned replacing the thermostat to get the car cooled off at lower temps. / quicker. I have also considered new shocks / struts. Any recommendations for the car &91This message has been edited by DaveG (edited March 1...
5 620
by  ScottNutterJump to last post
22 Mar 2001 10:05 AM
13 Replies and 865 Views New here and got some questions  865  13 Started by  JakeF OK im completely new to this. I'm 16 and have the z in the sig.I plan on goin to the auto-x at shreveport this saturday. What all do i need to know------------------1991 Z/28**lastgen.coms car of the month march 2001
13 865
by  Hard-driver57Jump to last post
22 Mar 2001 08:42 AM
7 Replies and 682 Views New AutoX Computer league page  682  7 Started by  slowry Check out &91url='http://tiresmoke.simracing.com'&93http://tiresmoke.simracing.com&91/URL&93 Let me know what you think Better yet join in the fray ------------------&91b&93 &91url='http://tiresmoke.simracing.com'&93http://tiresmoke.simracing.com&91/URL&93 &91/b&93&91This message has been edited by slowry (edited March 21, 2001).&93
7 682
by  slowryJump to last post
22 Mar 2001 06:54 AM
2 Replies and 625 Views Stan Wilson, looking for you....  625  2 Started by  twin_turborx7 Stan Wilson, are you here somewhereI sent you email and haven't heard back from you yet. Maybe I don't have the right address or something. Could you drop me a note with your phone numberThanks.~Tim
2 625
by  twin_turborx7Jump to last post
22 Mar 2001 06:50 AM
1 Replies and 461 Views Need your Help  461  1 Started by  brotherkicksave Do i need a window net for driving an ITB Golf or can i wear arm restraints please help!
1 461
by  Hard-driver57Jump to last post
21 Mar 2001 07:31 PM
0 Replies and 514 Views newbie here  514  0 Started by  72Formula400 Hey everyone. I just started on my first real project. Its a 72 Pontiac Firebird Formula. I just got a 400 with a 350 tranny for $170 at a local Pick n Pull, and hope to have it up and running by summer. Who else here has a Poncho Id like to hear about your power combo's, or what suggestions you might have for mods. I think I'm goin to start with intake, headers, and carb. What types work best Thanks,Tom------------------It's gonna be fast when its done. Until then, it can just look cool.
0 514
20 Mar 2001 11:31 PM
4 Replies and 588 Views A Newbie's first National Tour (kinda long)  588  4 Started by  Trys_Hard First thing I need to say is, that even though I got Sun burned this weekend in San Diego, the Nationals are very Cool! I had the time of my life even though I did not do as well as I would have wanted.Friday: Test and Tune DayGot there early to test out the new tires I just bought, Yokohama AVS Intermeadiates. I corded my Kuhmo's the week before at El Toro.After the pro-solo I will probably run SK2.$2 dollars a lap 6 laps for $10, I go great!But the lap avg was about 25 sec. I wish they would...
4 588
by  johngJump to last post
20 Mar 2001 08:07 PM
2 Replies and 565 Views Sig test  565  2 Started by  Mac-TEC test------------------95 Civic Si H-Stock&91img src='http://albums.photopoint.com/j/Viewu=1320634&a=9811771&p=44140133'&93
2 565
by  Mac-TECJump to last post
19 Mar 2001 10:09 PM
2 Replies and 449 Views you guys visit any other soloII messageboards?  449  2 Started by  James00X j/w if there are any other good forums about autocross
2 449
by  Trys_HardJump to last post
19 Mar 2001 07:34 PM
67 Replies and 3190 Views Post a picture of your car!  3190  67 Started by  neonmike22
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 3 4 )
The snow melted ------------------Mike & Tess the Platinum NeonSCCA SCR STS 122 & NHSCC ST 22&91This message has been edited by neonmike22 (edited January 26, 2001).&93&91This message has been edited by neonmike22 (edited March 02, 2001).&93
67 3190
by  dmark101Jump to last post
19 Mar 2001 03:13 AM
4 Replies and 522 Views Some Pictures [don't click here if you have a crappy monitor]  522  4 Started by  ramcharger ------------------1999 SM Camaro
4 522
by  NBM LS1 M6Jump to last post
16 Mar 2001 05:57 AM
1 Replies and 495 Views Autocross in Philly/Camden, NJ (3/3) w/DUMP TRUCKS!  495  1 Started by  CivicSiRacer There was construction being done on the new stadium in Camden. So on their lunch break they wanted to see if they could run. The president was really cool and had a co-driver run with them in the dump trucks. Very funny!! The 1st truck ran about a 69 second lap going off course. The 2nd truck ran a 1:15.xx w/2 cones and even completeing the slalom and hairpin turn at the finish line ...............------------------------ASCC (Appalachian Sports Car Club) 310 - STSSponsored by:KAM R(acing) Sp...
1 495
by  NBM LS1 M6Jump to last post
16 Mar 2001 05:44 AM
6 Replies and 613 Views looking for a seat.  613  6 Started by  brotherkicksave looking for a seat for my itb car. i'm a big boy, any ideas for a big seat sparco,momo or cobra which model how should i measure my hips to make sure i fit please help!
6 613
by  Subie GalJump to last post
14 Mar 2001 01:13 PM
23 Replies and 1752 Views Panoz GT Driving School  1752  23 Started by  Crazyquik
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
I'm thinking about attened this. I thought some of you may have done this and could offer me advice, which is the best option, is it worth it, etc.------------------&91b&93 Quik's Silver &91/b&931998 Camaro Z28 1LE A4&91url='http://http:www.geocities.com/crazyquik/LightningQuik.html'&93I Lost 246 lbs On This Plan!!!&91/URL&93
23 1752
by  tthorpJump to last post
13 Mar 2001 04:51 AM
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