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Last Post 30 Aug 2014 10:08 PM by  drdisque
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28 Aug 2014 07:46 PM

    Hey guys, 

    I'm totally new to this whole scene. I'm 26, in the USAF and now that my career is starting to slow down a bit I decided I wanted to take the plunge into something I've wanted to do forever. I'm soon to be the owner of an BMW E46 330ci ZHP, I plan on taking the winter to do whatever the vehicle needs to get to factory conditions, plus some additional work. Intake, headers, exhaust, wheels, tires, brakes, maybe suspension, and whatever else I might want to do. I'm trying to discern what class I would be looking at to field the E46 (Club Racing). From the best I could see, it looked like Production Class would be my best bet. I'm planning on taking the SCCA licensing course next summer in Pocono, Pa, however, I'm willing to travel if anyone knows of a better/cheaper place. 


    Any info that you guys can provide would be huge. Thanks everyone!



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    Basic Member

    30 Aug 2014 10:08 PM

    Do you have any racing experience? I would advise against diving into a race car build without first, gaining some on-track experience to make sure that you actually want to do this and that your plans match your pocketbook, and secondly you need to make sure that what you're planning on doing to the car is compliant with the class you want to race in.

    It sounds to me like with the build you're describing you will be better off doing PDX (Performance Driving Experience)/HDPE (High Performance Driving Experience). It will be better to do that first than spending all the money to go door-to-door racing right off the bat.

    If you are dead-set on going door to door racing. You'd be better off buying someone else's already-built car than trying to build your own. That way the car will already be somewhat sorted and you won't have to worry about the getting the car figured out at the same time you're trying to figure out how to drive. Also, buying a race car already built is almost always cheaper than trying to build one yourself.