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Last Post 11 Jun 2015 04:47 PM by  t walgamuth
Braking calculations
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24 May 2015 11:49 AM

    I've put everything from the stop tech braking white papers http://www.stoptech.com/docs/media-...ng-systems into an excel sheet to help calculate what brakes I should be using for my car. Some of the values don't seem to be coming out right though as I'm getting negative values for temperature during single stop braking event. 

    As you can see with the attached image I threw in some numbers to check the validity of my equations. I used a car that weighed 2000lbs 1100 in the front, 900 lbs in the rear stopping from 200mph. When I plug in the larger rotor weight I get a negative temperature. 




    Advanced Member

    Advanced Member

    11 Jun 2015 04:47 PM
    Those larger rotors should cool better but not freeze up!;)