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Last Post 13 Feb 2016 07:33 PM by  fast track sims
Hello to all from Fast Track Sims
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13 Feb 2016 07:33 PM

    Hey guys and gals...excited to be a new sponsor on SCCA Forums and wanted to let everyone know what we do.

    As you all probably know, racing simulation is continuing to gain popularity in all levels and types of motorsports. Simulators, hardware and software are continually improving and with the right selection of components, a simulator can be an awesome driver training and development tool. 

     We offer our TC-R1 Pro Sim Chassis in both static and full motion D-Box 4 actuator system and in all stages from base chassis to full turn key rigs to suit each drivers needs. 

     We also are one of the few that build custom simulators that can closely emulate your real race car cockpit. We have done several formula simulators and the latest for a customer that runs Formula Vee.

    Again, excited to be involved here and happy to answer questions and be of much help as I can. 

    Race Like You Train...Train Like You Race


    Mark Lutes