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Last Post 22 Aug 2016 09:04 AM by  JennSTR
STR Fall Speed Freaks Race and Car Show on October 1st
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22 Aug 2016 09:04 AM

    Come enjoy a full day of side by side racing at the STR Fall Speed Freaks Race and Car Show on October 1st! Feel the thrills of high speeds in a safe and controlled environment without worrying about seeing blue lights in your rear-view mirror!

    1600' of side by side rolling start or standing start, driver's choice.

    The STR event is open to all makes, models, and horsepower levels. The races will be open format schedule which allows everyone to enjoy multiple runs throughout the day, while we monitor individual rankings within your class.

    This event is being held at the new Dominion Raceway conveniently located off I-95 exit 118 in Thornburg, VA (between Fredericksburg and Richmond).

    Registration is open now! Only 125 spots available! Racing is $250 per driver for the whole day!

    Get your spot for Northern Virginia's premier race event at Dominion Speedway!

    Register at speedthrillsracing.com today!