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Last Post 04 Apr 2018 02:51 PM by  Grintch
Choosing a class
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26 Feb 2018 04:50 PM
    I'm current looking and daydreaming about scca racing. I really want to drive something with downforce and paddles (i'm also a nerd so I would be looking for a car with a mychron). I've been looking at arrive and drive packages, f1000 ,f2000 and prototypes. f1000 seems to very cool as the cars use a motorcycle engine and remind me of radicals. Most of my time i've been on the websites and came to the conclusion that it's either rich people or people that are trying to climb the motorsport ladder . I would love to know if there are any amateurs racers (people who have a "normal" day job) in f1000. What is the costs of running one and can you convert one into a prototype?

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    04 Apr 2018 02:51 PM
    You can convert a F1000 to P1 or P2, but that type of conversion is less popular now in the age of purpose built, factory racecars.

    If cost is an issue, look at FE (and it's ESR sports racing brother). Probably more sources (& competition) in that market for arrive and drive.
    SRF is worth a look too if you can do without much aero or paddles. That and Spec Miata are the kings of arrive & drive racing in the SCCA.

    Racing is expensive, the more work you farm out (arrive and drive farms it ALL out) the more it costs. Also faster cars usually cost more to buy and run. For a normal guy, the question becomes how much work can you handle doing yourself and how competitive do you have to be. You can certainly buy cool, fast formula and sports racings cars for as little as $20,000, but those cars are not going to be Nationally competitive (does it matter, you the driver probably want be either, even in the best car available). If you can do much of the prep and repair work yourself this makes for a very interesting yet real guy affordable package.