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1 Replies and 7226 Views Hello out there!  7226  1 Started by  VettesRule Anyone come here anymore
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by  VettesRuleJump to last post
12 Oct 2017 06:25 PM
0 Replies and 417 Views 2017 Solo Nationals – Writers wanted  417  0 Started by  spitfire4gp    Do you like to write You could help cover the Solo Nationals for SportsCar Magazine, and it counts as your worker credit.    The ideal situation is drivers who plan to be there for all four days of Nationals. You can cover classes on the days you do NOT run, leaving you free to focus on your competition on your run days. But anyone who wishes to apply is encouraged to do so, including drivers just there for the two days they run.    No one should have to write...
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06 Jul 2017 06:00 PM
0 Replies and 1247 Views The Solo Nationals Record Book – 2016  1247  0 Started by  spitfire4gp * “Solo Stats,” The Solo Nationals record book, will soon be ready to go to the printer. In time for Christmas. * Sections include a short history of solo and Nationals Highlights 1973-2016, Nationals records top-10s, a list of all champions (including supplemental classes and “national winners”), champions and winners by region/division, the Silver Circle (drivers who’ve done 25 or more events), the Who’s Who (unofficial top 10 points rankings), and the Alp...
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20 Nov 2016 04:29 AM
0 Replies and 953 Views 2016 Solo Nationals – Writers wanted  953  0 Started by  spitfire4gp    Do you like to write You could help cover the Solo Nationals for SportsCar Magazine, and it counts as your worker credit.    The ideal situation is drivers who plan to be there for all four days of Nationals. You can cover classes on the days you do NOT run, leaving you free to focus on your competition on your run days. Most needed are Tuesday-Wednesday drivers staying over who can cover Thursday-Friday classes. But anyone who wishes to apply is encouraged to do so, inc...
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11 Jul 2016 08:11 PM
0 Replies and 1459 Views 2015 “Solo Stats”  1459  0 Started by  spitfire4gp • I’ve had several people inquiring about my 2015 “Solo Stats” book. It’s almost ready. If you’d like to have a copy, let me know now to be in time for Christmas. • “Solo Stats” is the record book of 43 years of the SCCA Solo Nationals, containing the Top-10 lists in several categories, a complete roster of champions and winners (including non-championship classes) organized by class, name and region, Region/Division records, the Silver Circle,...
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13 Nov 2015 05:11 PM
5 Replies and 6296 Views Pan Am Region Results  6296  5 Started by  rtp.rick I'm sorry I didn't catch this after the first event, but Street Touring cars should not be included in the Indexed Street Tire class. Street Touring cars are given their Index factor based on them using street tires. Other classes are based on the assumption they are using true autocross tires ('R' compound for Stock, Street Prepared and Street Modified and Slicks for Prepared, Modified and Karts). It is inherently unfair to those cars in the Indexed Street Tire class (by a lot) that are not S...
5 6296
by  klhillJump to last post
15 Aug 2011 05:05 PM
2 Replies and 3976 Views PanAm Autocross Events  3976  2 Started by  rtp.rick Are all of the autocrosses held at Cohen Stadium What kind of surface is that Thanks, Rick Ruth
2 3976
by  rtp.rickJump to last post
11 Aug 2011 05:19 AM
0 Replies and 2148 Views Western Sprints in ABQ June 18 & 19, 2011  2148  0 Started by  jfslenes In spite of this being late, Rio Grande Region hosts the Western Sprints this weekend. Workers and racers are invited, welcome, etc.! This event uses the short South course at Sandia Motor Speedway. It's about a mile long with 8 turns. CARCOUNT and VOLUNTEERS are the ABQ words for road racing this year! SouthWest MotorSport hosts the next event at Sandia in early August, the Duetsche Marque. or LIKE our Facebook fan page - http://www.faceboo...
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16 Jun 2011 04:20 PM
1 Replies and 4303 Views Colorado National events - Come Play on the Mountain!  4303  1 Started by  Randy Hickman Take your National Solo experience to new heights! (Say, about a mile high!) Come out to Colorado for the Rocky Mountain ProSolo (July 8-10) and the Colorado National Tour (July 29-31)! Both are being held at Pikes Peak International Raceway. Big site, lots of grip! Both events feature courses designed by Nationals caliber designers. (Kevin Younger for the Pro, Roger Johnson for the Tour.) Storage for vehicles/trailers is available on-site between the two events for $50. Camping on-site is a...
1 4303
by  Randy HickmanJump to last post
07 Jun 2011 05:17 PM
0 Replies and 2032 Views Deja Vu, Czacki Two.....Wins At PPIR  2032  0 Started by  ZOK Pan Am's Stan Czacki won both days of the 'Rock the Peak' Double National event at Pikes Peak International Raceway. Starting from the SSB class pole on both Sat. & Sun., Stan led flag to flag in both races besting Logan Kirk's Mazda MSR and Rick Shively's BMW Z4 Sat with Shively & Kirk swapping positions Sun. With 4 wins totalling 48 points, Czacki has made the cutoff for the 2011 Run offs based on the new National points system but is not sure whether he will attend due to othe...
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30 May 2011 11:33 PM
0 Replies and 2186 Views Twice is nice- Czacki @PIR  2186  0 Started by  ZOK PanAm's Stan Czacki scored the hat trick at Phoenix International Raceway on Jan. 16 17- two wins from the SSB pole both days. Sunday's race was relatively easy as Stan built an early lead and almost lapped the 2nd place SSB car, an ex Bob Schader BMW Z4 driven by Rick Shively of Colorado. Although repeating his pole time Monday, Stan did not have an easy race that day! Two lengthy cautions for dust ups in other classes allowed Shively to close on Stan and take away the of the pas...
0 2186
19 Jan 2011 12:25 AM
4 Replies and 4072 Views Congratulations to Stan Czacki  4072  4 Started by  Richard Dziak Congratulations to Stan Czacki for his 11th place finish in the SCCA National Runoffs at Road America today. Stan ran a complete race with his best lap time of 2:50.696 on the 4.3 mile road course. The race was televised and fun to watch. Good job Stan. Your a real competitor.
4 4072
by  ZOKJump to last post
01 Oct 2010 03:46 PM
0 Replies and 1550 Views God's speed Debbie  1550  0 Started by  VettesRule I am sad to report that Debbie Basler has passed away. I had the great fortune to know and compete with Debbie. She was a true friend and tireless contributor to Pan Am and SCCA. Her wonderful nature and beautiful smile will be greatly missed. God's speed Debbie! Danny Castillo
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16 Sep 2010 08:20 PM
0 Replies and 1651 Views RGR Divisional  1651  0 Started by  cmedrive I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who made the trek up to Farmington for the Divisional race this weekend. It was great to meet all of you, you're hard workers, friendly people, and great competitors! RGR really appreciates the support you showed this past weekend. I hope everyone had a good time and a safe drive home! Results are posted here: you!Erich Schwaller - Rio Grande Region27 ST
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23 Aug 2010 09:38 AM
2 Replies and 3816 Views Pan Am Solo Results from the 25th?  3816  2 Started by  rtp.rick I've been trying to find the Pan Am Region Solo Results from their event on July 25th. I can't find them on their Region's website. Is there somewhere else I should look Thanks a ton, with H's & K's,Rick Ruth
2 3816
by  rtp.rickJump to last post
07 Aug 2010 05:00 AM
1 Replies and 3782 Views I'm Home  3782  1 Started by  BARTHII Hello everyone,Just a quick note to say hi and that I am back on American soil. YAY!! I preregistered for this weekends race, but we are having a party Sat. night so we will see if I am able to get out of bed and make it there LOL. I checked out the home page today and found the Garage, pretty cool Duncan good job. Duncan, just so you know when I added my vehicle there was 3 script errors before it got to the 'add yes' button..its probably just the background boxes. So anyway Hello and I'm glad ...
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by  ddeltoroJump to last post
20 Jul 2010 12:52 PM
0 Replies and 1320 Views 6th Win for Czacki  1320  0 Started by  ZOK Dodging thunderstorms and high heat and humidity, Stan Czacki achieved his 6th national win in 7 starts this season. His only challenge came from the Solstice of Ralph Siebert, who beat him early in the season at TWS; starting from pole in his SSB Camaro, Stan lost the lead at the green but got it back on the 2nd of 25 laps and lead to the end. This puts Stan in a commanding lead in the SafeRacer (tm) National Racing Series points in Southwest Division. Once everything dries out from the rain (...
0 1320
06 Jul 2010 10:01 PM
0 Replies and 1549 Views Update- Czacki 1st in SWDiv & 3rd in Nation  1549  0 Started by  ZOK Picking up another win at TWS last weekend, Stan Czacki's 'El Caballo Oscuro' black 2001 Camaro has a commanding lead in the SWDiv national points. With one race weekend remaining in the division at Motorsports Ranch Houston, Stan is fairly secure in garnering his 7th Divisional title even though he will not make the trip to Houston ( mid Aug too close to Runoffs for any required repairs); but will probably finish the regular season at an out of division event in Hallett, OK over July 4th. Czac...
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04 Jun 2010 09:28 AM
0 Replies and 1583 Views Czacki Wins at TMS.....Twice  1583  0 Started by  ZOK Over the May 1-2 weekend Stan Czacki won from the pole on Saturday and from 2nd qualifier on Sunday at Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. Qualifying only .1 seconds faster than the Mazda MSR of Div Champ Steve Taake on his first visit to this ultra fast 2.4 mile track, Stan had his hands full Sat swapping the lead numerous times with Taake but holding the lead on the last lap until a lapped car intervened and balked him (friend of Steve's). Fortunately he was able to recover and win by a littl...
0 1583
04 May 2010 05:53 PM
2 Replies and 3769 Views Czacki logs Hallett Win  3769  2 Started by  ZOK Stan Czacki bested all the SS cars at Hallett, OK yesterday during the Green Country Grand Prix, taking his second win of 2010. There were only 4 SS cars in attendance- 3 C and 1 B in the 25 car field. All SS cars started behind the A Sedan, Touring 2&3 and Spec Miata competitors and Stan moved up 5 positions to finish 15th overall. Still struggling to dial in the car with recurring ABS problems causing real wheel lock up/loss of traction on braking, Stan was only able to come within .3 secs...
2 3769
by  ZOKJump to last post
04 May 2010 05:21 PM
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