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1 Replies and 643 Views CAFB May 20 2006 results  643  1 Started by  GroovinPickle Full results ---Open Tire--- 29 GS Ryland Hemphill Mini S 0 1:09.007 61 BS Drew Boyles M3 0 1:10.062 120 FM Charles Haynes Lynx 0 1:11.874 77 FP Richard Holden 280Z 0 1:13.183 57 STX Scott Main Sunfire 0 1:14.286 28 EM Richard Price Stalker 0 1:14.704 ...
1 643
by  wffurrJump to last post
22 May 2006 12:09 PM
6 Replies and 813 Views Columbus Air Force Base, May 20-21  813  6 Started by  GroovinPickle Come run with the Mississippi region at Columbus Air Force Base on May 20-21. If you liked the course in Grenada, think longer and faster and you've got a typical Columbus course. See for details. IMPORTANT: You must submit your base access form (MBAF) by Sunday, May 14 in order to be allowed onto the base. If there's even a chance that you'll want to come to the event, go ahead and fill out the form. More info is on the site above. The running base access l...
6 813
by  mrmiatanutJump to last post
19 May 2006 11:30 AM
6 Replies and 771 Views Road Atlanta?  771  6 Started by  kameleon Anyone been to road atlanta About how far is it from Jackson I am planning on going to the Mitty Historic race this weekend where they are featuring the 'sportscars of Japan'. I am figuring about a 6 hour drive but you all know that I will probably do it in 4. :)
6 771
by  CDSJump to last post
10 May 2006 04:51 PM
0 Replies and 574 Views UPDATES FOR CAFB MAY 20-21, PLEASE READ  574  0 Started by  mrmiatanut Hey Guys and Gals, I hope everyone is doing well. We have a slight schedule change for the CAFB autocross on May 20-21. We have to be finished with all the runs by noon on Sunday and be off the site by 1 PM. In order to do this we're going to start things a little earlier both Sat and Sun. We're going to shoot for getting 7 runs in on Sat. and 4 on Sun. We're going to run the same course both days to make it easier setting up Sun. morning. The food service truck will be availa...
0 574
10 May 2006 12:37 PM
7 Replies and 1029 Views Newbie Needs Help!! May comp @ CAFB  1029  7 Started by  joey-slipher Hi, My name is Joey Slipher, my wife and I both are interested in driving the may solo event at Columbus Air Force Base. Neither of us has ever driven an scca event. We both have about 60 hours proffesional driving training and thats it! Is that enough to particapate in one of your events We have a 99 corvette with several upgrades including: brakes, tires, exaust, & suspension. What classes do we qualify to run in & can we both drive the same car. Also as I understand I will have ...
7 1029
by  slacker7Jump to last post
09 May 2006 09:45 PM
3 Replies and 876 Views new to autocross  876  3 Started by  Noah hey my name is noah and i am wanting to come to the next event in may. i have a few questions on what i need to do to so i will be able to participate in the event. i have read the info on the site but i feel like i am missing something... from what i understand i just need to fill out the forms to get on to the base and then i am good to go sorry if this is a dumb question but i am not really sure what to do.
3 876
by  CDSJump to last post
08 May 2006 06:04 PM
15 Replies and 1288 Views practice?  1288  15 Started by  samperry007 Where does everyone practice
15 1288
by  samperry007Jump to last post
27 Apr 2006 02:24 PM
18 Replies and 1278 Views no Grenada results, but...  1278  18 Started by  GroovinPickle Long story short, the floppy that I copied the timing file to was corrupted when I tried to read it, so official results will have to wait a little longer. Some interesting facts, though: - John Thomas, in Richard's FP car, would have finished first in PAX by .214 seconds over Ryland in the GS Mini. - BMW products swept the trophies in Open Tire. In fact, I think every BMW product that competed trophied. (edit: whoops, forgot we did a 4th place in OT - I guess with only 3 BMWs it's tough...
18 1278
by  dentresistantJump to last post
27 Apr 2006 01:09 PM
1 Replies and 1495 Views "unofficial" Grenada results  1495  1 Started by  GroovinPickle ---Open Tire--- 29 GS Ry Hemphill Mini 0 31.048 61 BS Drew Boyles M3 0 31.892 77 GS Teddy Gibson 318ti 0 31.918 77 FP Richard Holden 280Z 0 32.216 20 FM Lance Coley Lynx 0 32.388 57 STX Scott Main Sunfire 0 32.671 31 CSP Dave Antell Miata 0 33.020 41 ES James Lee RX7 0 33.043 18 FSP Skip Brunson Spi...
1 1495
by  GroovinPickleJump to last post
27 Apr 2006 08:19 AM
2 Replies and 871 Views Hi- New AutoXer  871  2 Started by  Zrunner Hi everybody. Im davis may, and i am new to autocrossing and the forums. Im glad to have gotten to go to grenada and meet most of you. Man im not very good at this yet but i had lots of fun.
2 871
by  CDSJump to last post
25 Apr 2006 11:37 AM
4 Replies and 842 Views Absolutely NOT car related...  842  4 Started by  LanceS13 ...but I'm still so excited I can't sleep. I'm hoping that if I tell everybody I know, maybe I'll calm down and get some rest. Caught this 5lb 10oz monster bass this afternoon in a river near Atlanta. OK...heres a picture of the new Kayak Attack Fishing Assault All Terrain Race Car Haulin' Vehicle just so this post is a teensie weensie bit car related.
4 842
by  CDSJump to last post
24 Apr 2006 11:01 AM
3 Replies and 786 Views Autocross School in Grenada, MS TOMORROW  786  3 Started by  mrmiatanut Check out for all the details.... Look forward to seeing everyone there!
3 786
by  CDSJump to last post
21 Apr 2006 09:56 PM
0 Replies and 664 Views Dell coupon codes for anyone thinking about getting a computer...  664  0 Started by  cmrs2k only gonna last about a week I believe. Save $750 on SELECT Inspiron™ notebooks $1999 or more ZRFVGS97PK1F1 Save 40 on SELECT Dimension™ desktops over $999 BXPLJ0WM7JBD2W Save $300 on SELECT Inspiron™ notebooks $999 or more ML0XBWMDM36NLR
0 664
21 Apr 2006 10:10 AM
10 Replies and 897 Views *wave*  897  10 Started by  cmrs2k Heya, just registered for this forum. Hope we can get more people from our region using it... the email stuff is a pain sometimes! Hope to see you guys Sunday in Greneda if I can get my car running a little better Saturday :) -Chris was BSP 17, now SM2 17 - (completely unsetup for it, but funny how a couple minor things can put you somewhere you don't want to be!) :)
10 897
by  jasegoJump to last post
21 Apr 2006 09:36 AM
7 Replies and 1120 Views Tire choices for street tire class  1120  7 Started by  CDS I've been using Azenis (195/60-14) on my Miata for several years. Are these still the preferred street tire (I don't want to go to r-compounds, I'm doing good to keep those on the CRX racecar &91:)&93). Has anybody tried the new Hankooks Any other recommendations
7 1120
by  Kim HumphriesJump to last post
21 Apr 2006 09:13 AM
7 Replies and 1006 Views Hello  1006  7 Started by  kameleon Ok..... I have to do this....... I was the first to post besides the 'moderator' :) Ok.... that is out of my system. Hope to see all of you out at Grenada this weekend. Donny
7 1006
by  jasegoJump to last post
20 Apr 2006 04:30 PM
0 Replies and 1007 Views Welcome to the MS SCCA Forums  1007  0 Started by  mrmiatanut Hey Guys and Gals, Welcome to the MS SCCA Forums. We will post current info about the club, but more than anything, this is a place to just 'shoot the bull'. I look forward to hearing from everyone. Trey Assistant RE MS SCCA
0 1007
20 Apr 2006 01:23 AM
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