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Last Post 19 Apr 2015 10:46 PM by  jdheffington
April Columbus Event
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19 Mar 2015 03:01 PM
    Hello, I am new to Solo events, having only been to one before in the AL chapter where I did not participate, just watched. Last fall I purchased an '03 Miata, and completely love the car, with one exception. I'm 6'2", 200 lbs and don't fit in the car very well. I know this is a well documented problem for even mildly tall drivers and have been on the lookout for a better seating arrangement. After trying an older CF seat I had laying around, I know that I need to mount the seat to the floor for proper headroom clearances. I am looking towards purchasing a Kirkey series 47 seat for my car. I would like to sit in at least a similar aluminum seat to get a feel for what they are like on: comfort, ingress/egress, sizing, etc. Will anyone coming to the Columbus AFB event in April have an aluminum seat and willing to let me sit in it? (Preferably in a Miata, but any car will suffice) It will greatly help in my decision for buying a new seat that properly fits me, and the car.
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    19 Apr 2015 10:46 PM
    There is not a lot of activity on this board. This weekend's event at CAFB was postponed until May 30-31. The next event is in Grenada May 16-17. Go ahead and come out. There are always a few guys with aftermarket seats. Remember that you need to submit a military base access form at least a week in advance to get on base in Columbus.