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0 Replies and 1850 Views 93 Octane Gas in Iowa  1850  0 Started by  cbailey Hey all, just as a heads up. I know many of us take the I-94 to Hwy. 151 route through SE Wisconsin to get down through Iowa to I-80. And, there's usually only a bunch of 91 octane to be found on the way. I accidentally found a small gas station with 93 on the way home last night and thought I'd at least share in case anyone wants to also try it out.I found the station in Marion, Iowa around the point on 151 where you get past all the lights and stop signs on the brief stretch heading straigh...
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10 Sep 2010 01:20 PM
0 Replies and 869 Views Solo Nats Paddock  869  0 Started by  Windscreen FYI: Mke/Chi paddock encampment is started in row 12, spots 1214 and 1215. Feel free to fill in around there. Little Minnesota is similarly positioned in rows 11 and 10. -Windscreen
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03 Sep 2010 09:02 PM
8 Replies and 1484 Views Milw 6 results posted  1484  8 Started by  cashmo has results from Sunday. Thanks to everyone for adapting to the south lot/single grid/paddocking in the street. Hope you liked the course, seems to have been pretty even index-wise.Jeff
8 1484
by  redwhale240Jump to last post
30 Aug 2010 01:10 PM
0 Replies and 1077 Views Local Tire Shaving  1077  0 Started by  vetteblues10 Well my Kumho's have been heat cycled to death and time to get a new set. I know Big Bear does shaving but they are like a two hour drive for me. Anyone closer to the Sheboygan or Green Bay area Thanks guys.
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27 Aug 2010 07:31 AM
2 Replies and 1356 Views Nationals Lodging  1356  2 Started by  BMoore Hey all,Just wondering where the Milwaukee crew is lodging for nationals and what the current rates are as well as what discounts can be had.We're going to need to reserve a room or two before we run out of time...
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by  cashmoJump to last post
19 Aug 2010 06:35 AM
5 Replies and 1405 Views TSSCC 8-8-10  1405  5 Started by  2superblus Any other Milwaukee folks going
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by  WindscreenJump to last post
11 Aug 2010 10:18 AM
0 Replies and 875 Views Milwaukee Region Solo Event 6, Sun 8/15/10, Miller Park  875  0 Started by  vetteblues10 I'll be out there. Get in your practice before Nationals. As seat time goes up, run times goes down... More info at
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11 Aug 2010 07:05 AM
15 Replies and 2038 Views How we look at season points standings  2038  15 Started by  Windscreen OK, time for a bit of a rant, due to a serious pet peeve of mine. Why is it, in Milwaukee and Chicago, where there are drop events, that people seem to prefer to look at results without drops until reaching event number (total of events - of drops 1, in the case of Milwaukee, event 6) To me, looking at results in that form is nearly meaningless, and without logic. In fact, it is so illogical to my engineering mind, that it makes me mad. Looking at results without the drops in play ju...
15 2038
by  autox_vetteJump to last post
04 Aug 2010 08:52 AM
15 Replies and 1821 Views Tri-Pod  1821  15 Started by  uscrew96 I didn't realize this until someone just informed me, but it looks as if the Divisional is going to be our annual Battle of the Border Challenge event for the year. We will have to have people in registration confirm the 'team' you want to race for (MKE, CHI, MN) so we can crown a champion and deliver Helga to the winning team on Sunday. -Jason Frank Sorry for the cut and paste.
15 1821
by  DarrylJump to last post
02 Aug 2010 08:38 PM
0 Replies and 850 Views Cendiv results, sound and a few pictures from Miller Park  850  0 Started by  cashmo Cendiv results, sound and a few pictures. Thanks,Jeff
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02 Aug 2010 06:15 PM
0 Replies and 826 Views Any one got an open seat for nationals?  826  0 Started by  vetteblues10 Hey guys, my name is Stephen. I ran my first event in the region last weekend at Divisionals (VW GTI in F-PAX). I just move up here from Texas. I'm looking for a ride at nationals this year. It would be my first time attending. Hopefully there is someone local looking for a good tire warmer. I have run a national tour (Texas) and a Pro-solo (Blytheville) event this season. I would love to be able to get one local event in the car before heading to Lincoln. I would also be looking to set up a co-...
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02 Aug 2010 12:45 PM
0 Replies and 790 Views Updated YTD Milw SCCA points posted  790  0 Started by  cashmo Updated YTD points files have been posted. Year-End Awards To be eligible for year-end awards you have to be an annual Milwaukee Region SCCA member before the last event. Your best five out of eight events count towards the season class awards. You need a minimum of 3 events to qualify and can only win one class per year. A cash award will go to the fastest driver of the year. To sign up for the Rookie of the Year award you need to email the Solo Committee chairperson to let th...
0 790
28 Jul 2010 08:54 PM
0 Replies and 889 Views Tire Blankets Available at the CenDiv  889  0 Started by  Major_Lee_Slow As usually, I will have tire blankets available for sale at the Cen-Div. Please note that I cannot accept credit card payment on site, but you can pay ahead of time via my website and select customer pickup/delivery to avoid the shipping charges. Just put a note in with your order through paypal indicating you'll pick them up at the Cendiv. See you Saturday!
0 889
27 Jul 2010 08:59 AM
2 Replies and 1079 Views Solo at Joliet Chicagoland speedway flooded?  1079  2 Started by  t walgamuth I am wondering how it looks up there The weather channel is showing a lot of standing water. I am wondering if the parking lot will be above water and if I can get there from Lafayette Indiana without a pontoon boat
2 1079
by  Mark HirtJump to last post
26 Jul 2010 04:48 AM
3 Replies and 1289 Views I need some tires  1289  3 Started by  BSTON I may be getting an 07 Miata. I have an opportunity to try it at an event before I commit to it but it's on crappy all-season tires. Does anyone have some decent street tires that would fit on a 15x6 rim that I can rent for a weekend Or already have some mounted on something that will fit on the car that I can rent Also, it's a 97 M-edition. I heard that the springs that came on those cars are softer than the springs on the 94-R. Does anyone know just how much softer they are
3 1289
by  BSTONJump to last post
23 Jul 2010 01:26 PM
27 Replies and 2629 Views COURSE  2629  27 Started by  uscrew96
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Today's course was not speed maintenance, it was maintain controlled at speed.No Mr Shay did not pay me, if he did I'm not telling.&91;)&93&91:P&93Hope people like it.
27 2629
by  MugenludeJump to last post
23 Jul 2010 07:09 AM
4 Replies and 1245 Views SPS/Solotime will be comming to Milwaukee this weekend!  1245  4 Started by  Major_Lee_Slow SPS/Solotime will be attending Milwaukee's Event 5 this Sunday, July 18th. They will have a variety of numbers, decals, helmets, shoes and other autocross paraphernalia for sale. Such as shirts, hats, and funny cones. Please take a few minutes out of your day to stop by their trailer/store to browse and hopefully purchase those items you've been looking for.
4 1245
by  Z28Lt1AutoXerJump to last post
15 Jul 2010 04:38 PM
2 Replies and 1024 Views codrive open for CenDiv  1024  2 Started by  murph1379 All, I need a tire warmer for the CenDiv, anyone interested The car is pretty much fully prepped for STX now, and getting very close to perfect setup-wise. A better driver than me should be able to trophy at Nats in the car. Don't leave me out in the cold!
2 1024
by  murph1379Jump to last post
13 Jul 2010 07:50 AM
5 Replies and 1296 Views Peru Milwaukee Trophies  1296  5 Started by  fenter Hi all, I wanted to let Colin, Craig, and Jimmy know that I picked up their trophies from STU, STX, and ST respectively. I placed them in my grid box in the hopes that I will remember them for the next event. Congratulations to you, Steve, Chris, and John on the trophies (sorry if I forgot anyone). Steve definately gave the SS folks something to think about on Sunday pulling back a 4 tenths gap from day one! Must have been the '80's Electrica' that we listened to on the way to the site on...
5 1296
by  fenterJump to last post
06 Jul 2010 07:30 PM
0 Replies and 806 Views WAI - PAX Championship thru 4 Events with 1 Drop  806  0 Started by  rtp.rick I have attached a PDF of the Unofficial PAX Championship Points through Event 4. I used one drop, in order to better represent what is really happening. Again, these are entirely unofficial. Be mindful that some very good drivers only have 2 events under their belt and can sneak up from behind like a freight train. H's & K's,Rick Ruth
0 806
06 Jul 2010 05:10 AM
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