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2 Replies and 1156 Views Kruse Solo  1156  2 Started by  Warren LeVeque After not autocrossing for about 3 weeks -seems no one will schedule anywhere near the Nationals date---I needed a speed fix so traveled the 100 miles to the Fort Wayne event at the Kruse Auction site. I almost didn't go because I remembered how slippery it was and didn't want to repeat the stories about the Nationals sand. We all jumped in and used leaf blowers and brooms to clean up the surface. I concentrated on the off line areas where I didn't really didn't want to be , but might sl...
2 1156
by  GLHDONTFLYJump to last post
30 Sep 2008 06:43 PM
0 Replies and 1038 Views October DRIFT Posted  1038  0 Started by  srs007
0 1038
29 Sep 2008 03:23 PM
30 Replies and 3551 Views I'll be at the next autocross  3551  30 Started by  STSProbeGT
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But no more Probe...for me. I have gone rear wheel drive with a 03 Mustang GT. It don't really impress me that much but I miss solo! My daughter will be driving her 96 Probe GT for her very first solo. I hope she likes it because she has her Dad's love of driving. I can't wait to see her racing!...I make her do burn outs all the time in front of the house. This is Jake BTW...hehe
30 3551
by  STSProbeGTJump to last post
28 Sep 2008 10:01 PM
22 Replies and 3175 Views Australian Pursuit Flyer - 9/27/08  3175  22 Started by  bmonnin1
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Here is the flyer for the Australian Pursuit on 9-27-08. Print it, pass it out, post it please.
22 3175
by  smitchJump to last post
28 Sep 2008 12:08 AM
4 Replies and 1300 Views Rallycross St. Louis YOU are invited too!  1300  4 Started by  mazdamike YOU are invited to 'meet us in St. Louis' on September 20 & 21 for a National Rallycross Challenge Event !! Please join us for a test & tune and social on Saturday and competition on Sunday. See how you stack up to national competition before the National Championship next month. Time is short &91O&93 &91:O&93 so enter today !! For more information visit:
4 1300
by  smitchJump to last post
23 Sep 2008 10:19 AM
52 Replies and 5481 Views New Pax for SMS and Street tire Stock classes  5481  52 Started by  chriskrumnow
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cancelled!!!! sms .812 sst .807 ast .797 bst .787 cst .786 dst .767 est .772 fst .776 gst .770 hst .747 These are taking effect immediately. I will be adding the classes to soon! Thanks!
52 5481
by  KBroekerJump to last post
22 Sep 2008 11:17 PM
11 Replies and 1293 Views Headlee Baby Arrives!  1293  11 Started by  wrheadle Hey all- Just a quick note than my wife Allison had our baby Sunday night. Who: David William Headlee DOB: 8:30PM 8/31/08 Weight: 8lb, 10.4oz Length: 20' Pic below is at about 10 minutes old. they weren't even done cleaning him off yet... &91:D&93 Bill
11 1293
by  STSProbeGTJump to last post
18 Sep 2008 06:18 PM
18 Replies and 1910 Views Krusin' at Kruse - Sept. 28th - Call To Arms  1910  18 Started by  bmonnin1 Hi, As you may or may not know I will be the event master for this event. I have some of the initial planning done but now I need to get all the worker Chiefs and critical positions filled for this event. I have made a list below of who I think will be there and what position they will fill. Please confirm whether this list is right or not. Also any volunteers are welcome. Just send me an email or reply to this post to let me know. Event Master: Bart Monnin Safety Stewards Kyle Bro...
18 1910
by  BigblockbanditJump to last post
17 Sep 2008 07:36 AM
3 Replies and 1535 Views 9-28-08 Krusin' Solo Event - COurse map and Event Layout (Event Master Bart Monnin)  1535  3 Started by  OneEyeMedia I am helping Bart out with this post... Please direct all questions to Bart and or Kyle B. They should be able to help out with any concerns.Kruse Layout: Course Map: Cheers,JPM
3 1535
by  OneEyeMediaJump to last post
14 Sep 2008 10:16 PM
6 Replies and 1497 Views Next 2 events  1497  6 Started by  chriskrumnow We have a whopping 9 entries for the next event. Who can give out some flyers
6 1497
by  OneEyeMediaJump to last post
09 Sep 2008 10:09 PM
16 Replies and 1826 Views Sept 7th at Peru - Indy Region: "Who's Going?"  1826  16 Started by  OneEyeMedia As subject reads...Was told the plan is this: ' This event is a lot like a national event, only in one day. 3 runs, break, change the course, re walk it and 3 more runs.' I will be going and I saw Pep is to :P Peppler, what part of town are you in Would you be willing to let me ride passenger down with you
16 1826
by  Weasel KeeperJump to last post
09 Sep 2008 12:43 AM
7 Replies and 1906 Views Tips for a beginner?  1906  7 Started by  Shawn IN I would like to start getting evolved with autocross. I plan to make it out to the last two events at the kruse. I have mostly read over all the scca rules and faq that I could find. Bring helmet, check car, secure battery, register, pay fee. Thats basically what needs to be done I may just come attend to spectate and not race if thats what you guys suggest I do, wait till next season to race. I plan on running a 95 ford probe gt. I'm still not 100 sure on the class it falls in yet, but I'll ...
7 1906
by  xunchicrewxJump to last post
06 Sep 2008 01:21 PM
8 Replies and 1507 Views Something new... its going to be a blast  1507  8 Started by  SpeedTeacher Hey Everyone, I would like to introduce The RPM Racing League. Its something I am putting together for next year. Here is how it works: The league follows the same setup as a bowling league. Autocross each week, earn points for your performance. Teams will be made up of three people. A 'league' consists of four teams (12 people per league total). There will be a variety of league times available throughout the week (morning, afternoon and evening). I may have a couple on Saturday morni...
8 1507
by  SpeedTeacherJump to last post
02 Sep 2008 05:26 PM
17 Replies and 1936 Views V for Victory 8-17-08 Results: Thanks Peppler :P  1936  17 Started by  OneEyeMedia Here are the results and thanks for getting them all together Peppler.Class Results: Overall Results: Cheers,Jason Massey
17 1936
by  maviskyJump to last post
02 Sep 2008 01:52 PM
6 Replies and 1333 Views 10-12-08 Kruse Krazy Solo Event Flyer!!! Download/Print it/Pass it around :P  1333  6 Started by  OneEyeMedia Hello Ladies and Gentlemen:Here is the flyer for Kyle Broeker's 10-12-08 Event at the Kruse. This is the last one of the year!!!!Lets promote the heck out of it!!!I have one link where you can dl the flyer for printing or you can copy paste the image - how ever you chose it is up to you Cheers,Jason MasseyFort Wayne SCCA Member Link to Flyer if you want to down load it:
6 1333
by  OneEyeMediaJump to last post
31 Aug 2008 01:40 PM
11 Replies and 1507 Views Looking for a Co-drive on 9-28 and 10-12 Events  1507  11 Started by  OneEyeMedia Hey guys/gals,I wanted to post up that I would love to do two more co-drives if possible and someone feels willing enough to let me co-drive.Sept 28th at Kruse: hondas2kcr S2000 CR Oct 12th at Kruse: John Ryan's WRX I have been doing pretty good this season on my co-drives and not hard on the owners tires. I just do not want to throw away my overall standing by not showing up to these last two events.So far I have drove:Travis Roebucks's 89 Civic Si (on Bridglops)Bart Monnin's 99 MWB Z3 Roads...
11 1507
by  OneEyeMediaJump to last post
30 Aug 2008 09:50 PM
8 Replies and 1740 Views Are There Any Road Racers In FWA?  1740  8 Started by  Weasel Keeper Just curious. I joined the FWR (since I live in the Fort) this past spring while preparing for a road course driver school with the SCCA. I don't believe I've seen anything posted here yet from anyone other than Solo guys. I realize that most FWR members are into's easy and fairly inexpensive to get into but is there any love for the road course club racers &91;)&93 Since I joined the SCCA and FWR this past spring, I've had to race with Chicago/Milwaukee region at Blackhawk Far...
8 1740
by  xunchicrewxJump to last post
30 Aug 2008 03:32 PM
1 Replies and 1457 Views Who's going to the Crusin' in Auburn Friday Night?  1457  1 Started by  OneEyeMedia Link: is free... We are going to go and hang out for a while. Maybe get some photos with Ryan with the cars :P
1 1457
by  OneEyeMediaJump to last post
29 Aug 2008 02:30 PM
1 Replies and 1305 Views Where's The Green Neon That Ran The TRF Solo?  1305  1 Started by  Weasel Keeper Remember me &91:P&93 27 July I took the Snot Rocket ITA Neon to Nelson Ledges, OH. I qualified 7th out of 18 drivers...but DNF because I rolled the car...hitting a tire barrier at 80mph at lap I found a video from another Neon who was behind Chad in the blue Neon (1st in GS at TRF) and me in the green Neon (2nd in GS, 1st Novice at TRF). We had some great laps for the start of the race and luckily there's...
1 1305
by  Weasel KeeperJump to last post
27 Aug 2008 11:36 PM
0 Replies and 732 Views September DRIFT Posted  732  0 Started by  srs007
0 732
27 Aug 2008 10:04 AM
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