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38 Replies and 3129 Views Where can i find the results for event 1?  3129  38 Started by  slowmod2
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I didn't have a chance to really look them over on sunday. will they be posted on here or on the other website
38 3129
by  rtp.rickJump to last post
22 May 2008 06:08 AM
6 Replies and 1203 Views Winter projects  1203  6 Started by  Bigblockbandit What is everybody working on this winter I finally got a little time to start assembling the Cobra. Hope to have it sitting on wheels in a couple weeks if things go well. Im sure it wont be done in time to race this season at all but after a year of collecting parts and waiting for a break in the work schedule it looks like I may finally make some progress. starting out with the suspension and aluminum work then we need to fit the motor and trans in. Might get to go-cart mode by spring anyw...
6 1203
by  BigblockbanditJump to last post
21 May 2008 05:38 PM
19 Replies and 1458 Views Event 2 course comments  1458  19 Started by  wrheadle Wel guys and gals, I set up another course (with help from Kyle, Andrew, and others) that I don't get to drive. What'd y'all think Thanks Bill
19 1458
by  bmonnin1Jump to last post
21 May 2008 11:34 AM
3 Replies and 916 Views Unofficial results FW Event 2  916  3 Started by  Peppler33CS http://www.filefactory.com/file/673956/
3 916
by  wrheadleJump to last post
21 May 2008 06:41 AM
1 Replies and 786 Views JPMRacing in car video 5-18-08 FWSCCA event 2  786  1 Started by  OneEyeMedia Please excuss Mike D's and my humor before my run. Would not expect less from TeamAwesomeSauce!!!http://myspacetv.com/index.cfmfuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=34459652
1 786
by  george34Jump to last post
19 May 2008 05:26 PM
15 Replies and 1268 Views Upcoming Navistar event.  1268  15 Started by  Dasmopar Any ideas on the course yet Gonna shoot for something close to the last event There are a few of us coming to play I think so just wondering.
15 1268
by  Peppler33CSJump to last post
17 May 2008 08:44 PM
4 Replies and 817 Views New member  817  4 Started by  sarmo Just thought I'd say hello and introduce myself to everyone. I've been interested in racing (all kinds) for quite a while now. I've mostly just participated in trophy racing at the Muncie Dragway on wednesday nights but have always been interested in Autocross and Rally racing. The only Autocrossing I've done was a small track at the Car and Driver 50th anniversary event in Indianapolis a few years back. I was signed up for the Viper and a WRX STi, but unfortunately, the viper reservation g...
4 817
by  Weasel KeeperJump to last post
15 May 2008 10:22 AM
2 Replies and 803 Views A little clarification on classing please  803  2 Started by  mavisky Well after the Winged Warrior event down in Indy I got some disheartening news on the motor. Ran a compression test cold (didn't want to waste the gas) and came back with 125-115-75-120 so she's done for the year. Up until now it's just been a stock motor with some bolt ons, but now (due to other interests outside simply autox'ing) I'm looking to build a bit beefier motor by raising the stock compression and replacing the intake manifold. If I understand this correctly, it'll put my fwd turbo ta...
2 803
by  maviskyJump to last post
15 May 2008 10:04 AM
6 Replies and 843 Views NWOR Airport event results.  843  6 Started by  Dasmopar http://www.nworscca.com/modules/event_results/results/2008/2008_e2_web_files/2008_e2_web_results_r1.htm Didn't know if you guys have seen em yet. Checkout all them DNF's!!
6 843
by  bmonnin1Jump to last post
12 May 2008 11:46 AM
1 Replies and 670 Views Fort Wayne Navistar Event 1 Outside Videos  670  1 Started by  OneEyeMedia Sorry it took so long :)Way to go Krummy &91URL=http://s149.photobucket.com/albums/s56/jpmracing/200820racing20videos/action=view&current=Chris1.flv&93&91/URL&93Eric Lawson 240 - Chris Smith EVO - Brian S2000 &91URL=http://s149.photobucket.com/albums/s56/jpmracing/200820racing20videos/action=view&current=EricChrisBrian1.flv&93&91/URL&93John Souder NWOR member - Mazda &91URL=http://s149.photobucket.com/albums/s56/jpmracing/200820racing20videos/action=view&current=...
1 670
by  DasmoparJump to last post
11 May 2008 03:41 PM
2 Replies and 703 Views Fort Wayne/Detroit Region Good Times National Race @ Gratten  703  2 Started by  srs007 Fort Wayne region will be co-hosting a National level club race May 10-11. If you would be interested in going, but don't want to spend money on gas, Jim Koerner will be driving his RV up and has pretty of room for passengers friday night. You can contact him at 260-637-8966 or email him at jtkoernerjuno.com. Volunteers get lunch saturday and sunday. A pig roast dinner part saturday night. If you volunteer to flag, there are normally dounuts in the morning too. So don't worry about food! ...
2 703
by  srs007Jump to last post
08 May 2008 11:19 AM
0 Replies and 592 Views 5-4-08 NWOR Videos: TeamAwesomeSauce  592  0 Started by  OneEyeMedia John R and Co-driver Laura:&91URL=http://s149.photobucket.com/albums/s56/jpmracing/200820racing20videos/action=view&current=Jon1.flv&93&91/URL&93&91URL=http://s149.photobucket.com/albums/s56/jpmracing/200820racing20videos/action=view&current=Jon2.flv&93&91/URL&93&91URL=http://s149.photobucket.com/albums/s56/jpmracing/200820racing20videos/action=view&current=Jon3.flv&93&91/URL&93 Chuck 'Butters'&91URL=http://s149.photobucket.com/albums/s56/jpmracing/200820racing...
0 592
07 May 2008 10:57 PM
11 Replies and 930 Views Unofficial results FW Event 1  930  11 Started by  Peppler33CS I don't have the results file, but I have a hardcopy so I hand typed it into excel just get something out to everyone. That being said, it is very unofficial but I double checked the best runs and it matches up. http://www.filefactory.com/file/69ee8c/ Sorry its taken too long to get results posted, we'll get better at this. For the next event, I'll remember to save a copy to a thumbdrive before heading home.
11 930
by  Andy UcterJump to last post
06 May 2008 12:58 PM
8 Replies and 1078 Views Navistar MiataCam  1078  8 Started by  Peppler33CS Here are a couple vids from my Miata http://www.youtube.com/user/Peppler33 Run 3 was still a little tentative with a bobble and got behind in the slalom real early, but it was my fastest clean run I think. Run 6 felt a lot faster, I was more aggresive and it just 'felt' faster, but was actually .2 slower then run 3. This really suprised me, actually it ticked me off. Feel free to critique me... 'feedback is the breakfast of champions'
8 1078
by  maviskyJump to last post
06 May 2008 08:21 AM
4 Replies and 722 Views New Guy Introduction  722  4 Started by  Weasel Keeper Hey Ft Wayne folks! Just felt I should introduce myself since I recently joined the SCCA and put down the Ft Wayne Region as my preference...because I live in the Fort. Looks like there are primarily AutoX drivers here. I wish I could have made the AutoX school last weekend but I was doing a road course drivers school for a Novice Permit at Blackhawk Farms in Illinois at the same time. I'm not a race car owner so I'm at the mercy of the owner anyway. &91;)&93 Without a ride of my own I c...
4 722
by  Weasel KeeperJump to last post
06 May 2008 03:00 AM
5 Replies and 776 Views Toledo Express.  776  5 Started by  Dasmopar So who is coming up this weekend for the event I will be there and looking to beat Tony Calabrese in his STI and Fessler in his Civic if he decides to show up and kill us all in SM. I'm going out sat. to set up the course and rumor has it it's going to be really close to the pro solo layout so if anyone is running the pro up here you may wanna make sure to hit this weekends event!
5 776
by  DasmoparJump to last post
03 May 2008 04:59 PM
3 Replies and 751 Views FW Autox 2 now open in myautoevents  751  3 Started by  Peppler33CS http://myautoevents.com/pls/mae/frmEventDetail.Showpsevent_id=8696 Online pre-registration is open until Thursday night 5/15. Register online and recieve 2 coupons for fun runs! Also, I will need help in setting up/running the event. Please volunteer! Anyone wanna help me setup the course
3 751
by  Peppler33CSJump to last post
03 May 2008 11:30 AM
8 Replies and 972 Views Solo Event 1 photos  972  8 Started by  xunchicrewx This was my first time with this camera at an event (Nikon D40) and im still kicking myself for not registering. this was also my first time at 'panning' shots as well as 'OMG frozen car shots' and im happy with some.. not so much on the others but you can be the judge.. feedback is always appreciated! see you kids next time!
8 972
by  maviskyJump to last post
30 Apr 2008 09:31 AM
15 Replies and 1019 Views Solo School and Recess  1019  15 Started by  wrheadle Hey all- I'm looking for feedback on the course from Sunday's event. I didnt' get to stick around to watch you guys and gal run and I'm curious. Thanks Bill
15 1019
by  DasmoparJump to last post
29 Apr 2008 08:20 PM
23 Replies and 1907 Views Solo School and Recess Photos  1907  23 Started by  FTWNeon
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Well here are all of my photos from the events over the weekend. Sadly they are only from the second heat since I was running in the first. Same as always, if you like the higher res version of an image just shoot me an e-mail at PhotosFTWMotorsports.com I was comparing the resized images to the full res and the resized ones don't do any justice the image. Let me know what you guys think. Oh and I don't think I'll be at the next event. I think I'll be down at Putnam Park that weekend...
23 1907
by  george34Jump to last post
29 Apr 2008 07:37 PM
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