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Last Post 16 May 2011 10:26 AM by  Warren LeVeque
Suny Mondays
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16 May 2011 10:26 AM
    Date: Mon, May 16, 2011 10:23 am
    Is it OK to resent Sunny Mondays after a cold rainy day of autocrossing at the Fort Rain Grissom autocross? Of all the heats mine was the least rainy--see how desparate I am-- and all but the last of the 5 runs actually had some decent grip. Lookin around at my heat I realized that I was in the "large" car heat; was that just a coincidence? I told my wife that I was just going for the visiting anyway and that turned out to be mostly true. One of my Ft Wayne friends-Scott Woosley was moving to Missouri quite soon. Some of my friends wiped my Lexan windshield at the start of my runs. Wipers and Rainex don't work on plastic. I will never have a plastic winsheld again. Some of my friends seemed to forget that they had windshield wipers. The course was familiar by the big sweeper on the south(prison) end and there was a clockwise sweeper on the north end that is taken correctly led into a chicane that could be taken as a straight if you aimed just right. This was followed my a challenging slalom which I made cleanly, if slowly. Scott Lewis in the ":purple pylon eater" tube frame Camaro trounced me. Scott played the game exactly right--he had one clean run. I, embarassingly, only had one dirty run--should have been trying harder! Our lady CPer did not wimp out and made a gallant effort. My new experiment by quieting my turbo by a large expansion chamber right at the turbo exhaust outlet seemed to work and also picked up some boost response. I will take this old guy all day on this Sunny Monday to catch up--How about a rule where old 65+ geezers don't have to work? Now to get the Roadster out of monthballs now that the Stinger is mostly ready for the Corvair Olympics and the convention. Warren