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Last Post 14 Dec 2007 07:43 PM by  Eclipse2Lancer
Solo Steering Committee Meeting Notes 12.13.07
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14 Dec 2007 07:43 PM
    Minutes of 12/13 Solo Committee Meeting

    Attending: Will Lahee, Mike Benz, Phil Wehman, Dale Brier, Bob Miller, Jim Linn, Steve Ring, Dave Dusterberg, Jason Proksch, Geoff Chambers, Kevin Kent, Brian Davis, Clemens Burger

    The meeting was held at Dooley O'Tooles in Carmel, starting at 6:30.

    1. Overview of previous meeting.

    2. Schedule -
    It was agreed that the 2008 season should consist of 8 points events, with 2 “fun” events for a total of 10. The fun events will consist of the season opener and the year end worker invitational which participants will have to qualify for by working a specialty throughout the season (Event Chair, Registration Chair, Course Designer, Safety Steward, Tech, Registration, Course setup and tear down). The Aussie pursuit was discussed as possibly changing or dropping to replace with some other kind of special event? It was discussed that the new Rally program chair (Chuck Hansen) mentioned the possibility of ending a Rally at a Solo event. Until the National Tour event schedule has been officially released, we are holding on setting permanent dates to our schedule, but have an estimated schedule at this point.
    2a. “Big (contracted) Events” -
    A tentative 2008 National Tour schedule has been found (thought to be unofficial and very tentative), and a date at Grissom was listed. Everyone seemed willing to host another National Tour event in 2008. The Lotus Club will also have a special event with the Indy Region on August 3rd, with a possibility of a Corvair club event as well.

    3. Sites -
    Terre Haute Airport has returned Darren Daubenspeck's inquiry as a possible 2008 venue and would like further information. Lincoln Tech’s lot on W. 71st Street was also discussed, as there seems to be an interest from the principles there. The Auction Lot at Brookville Rd. and Post Rd. was discussed as well. It seems that the site had been in some kind of litigation with the State of Indiana, and that is now over. Brian Gard will send contact information to the Solo Chairs so we may approach the owners. We may have a good "in" with some sweat equity, as the lot is quite overgrown with weeds according to Dave Dusterberg. Clemens Burger has scouted the closing Visteon Plant in Connersville, and mentioned it may be a viable site. For the future, the Honda plant being constructed in Greensburg was briefly discussed as a possibility. Perhaps the HART team will have insight? If anyone has any ideas for sites, they are encouraged to contact the Solo Charimen with information.

    4. Changes to how events run -
    The Axware timing and scoring software has been purchased, and Rich Lankford has agreed to share his 2nd laptop that he only uses at Indy Region Club Races with the Solo Program. Also, Online Pre-Registration will continue in 2008. Will Lahee will conduct an Axware training class after the start of the year. On site, event scheduling will also be further discussed at that time (i.e. Arrive at site, course setup, etc.). To encourage volunteers for “specialty work assignments” it was discussed to have that really count as a work assignment, as people have been doing multiple assignments during events (i.e. registration, shagging cones, site setup, waivers, etc.).
    4a. Temporary Memberships -
    The Nationals Temporary Membership program was discussed, and it was decided that the Novice Program (lead by Brian Davis and Dave Dusterberg) should take the lead on helping non-members get set up with Temporary Memberships on site. Nationals recommends that the minimum delta from member event fees (still to be $20) be $15. So in 2008, non-member fees will be $35 to cover the Nationals recommendation. This gets them a weekend membership (good for 5 days only ~ confirmed after meeting was over), and a $15 discount should they decide on a full membership within 60 days. Nationals will also send Temporary members club marketing material to outline the benefits of the Club (that’s where the $5 goes).
    4b. Proposed SMS class by Dale Brier. The consensus is that will run a pilot program in 2008 for the Regional only SMS class (Street Mod on Street Tire) per Dale’s proposal. This class will follow SM rules, but only allow street tires with a treadwear of 140 or above. The PAX for this class will be .845 (Between SM and STU) per the 2008 released PAX list. Full details of the class will be added to the Solo Supplemental Rules for 2008.

    5. Solo Safety Steward Training -
    We will contact Rick Swarts to request a Solo Safety Steward Training class at the beginning of 2008 to expand our number of SSS’s in the Indianapolis Region. Look for details early 2008.

    6. New Business -
    A) We discussed again creating a list of activities before/during/after an event (we have one we use today that can be expanded). Also, for other roles like event chair, we discussed creating a role list of responsibilities and putting these on the web site. This will be done at the Axware training to utilize the diverse experiences of the members so we can create accurate “job descriptions”
    B) Jason Proksch submitted a proposal for a Street Tire PAX ranking in 2008, much like we do with the Novice program, but with Street Tire competitors. Jason would like to award the top Street Tire competitors at each event. There was some discussion and the issue was tabled until the next meeting.
    C) Jason Proksch also submitted a proposal for grouping classes to increase the number of competitors for each class, instead of having classes where there are only 1 or 2 competitors. There was some discussion, and this was also tabled to be discussed at the next meeting.
    D) Brian Davis submitted a Bump Class proposal, where any class with less than 3 competitors would “bump” to another class to create a bigger class which would then be scored on the PAX index. This was also tabled to be discussed at the net meeting.

    Meeting adjourned.

    The next Solo Committee meeting will be held at Dooley O'Tooles on Tuesday
    January 15th, 2008 at 6:30pm

    Respectfully submitted,

    Will Lahee