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Last Post 06 May 2013 07:50 PM by  mtownneon
Apology to the Indianapolis Region SCCA
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06 May 2013 07:50 PM
    To everyone who witnessed my losing my temper yesterday at Grissom, I am sorry. What I did was un-called for and hurt the Region and upset several people. I have no excuse for my behavior and can assure you I am taking steps to make sure it will not happen again. I have already made two attempts to apologize to the party I directed my anger at and have already apologized to one other person who was in the bus and had expressed concern. The next issue of Clutch Chatter's R.E. Report will also be an apology to the entire Region and the individual I lost my temper with.

    Also, I am going to back away from my involvement in our Region's Solo program.

    If you believe further action needs to be taken against me, do not hesitiate to contact the Board of Directors, I will not fight any action the Board feels it needs to take.


    I'm sorry to everyone I have offended and/or upset and to the Indianapolis Region SCCA for not holding myself to a standard it deserves.


    Dave Dusterberg


    Dave Dusterberg R.E. Indy Region SCCA CAM 2005 Mustang GT sponsored by Bridgestone Motorsports