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Last Post 28 Jun 2015 03:43 PM by  sccarally
DFW Map Rally / Dallas, TX / GTA / 11JULY15
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28 Jun 2015 03:43 PM
    The DFW Map Rally will be held on Saturday, July 11, starting at 9:00am.  It will start in Dallas, and end in Rockett, Texas.  We will ask you to locate a dozen or so points on a map, and drive to them all and to the finish, in the shortest distance. Leaving Al Lamb's Dallas Honda (LBJ service road east of Greenville), you will drive a 35-mile odometer check, which ends at the Commemorative Air Force facility near Wilmer, Texas.  You will have some time to examine the WWII-era aircraft that are based there, all of them still operational.  Then we will use their classroom as a work area for you to examine your map(s) and determine your route.  When you are ready, you will start your drive, ending at the Rockett Cafe & Club for lunch and awards.
     Any street-legal car with two or more people old enough to read can enter.  No special car prep is necessary.  Just bring a clip board and a pencil, fill up your gas tank, and you are ready to go.  There is a First Timer's class, in case you have never done any road rallying before.  Cars built before 1940 get a little extra time.  Low total miles traveled wins. You can register online by going to msreg.com/DMR15msr.  This is an advantage because then you will be sent the "General Instructions" for the event by email, five or six days prior to the event.