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Last Post 11 Apr 2011 06:12 PM by  jhewitt3
Pump Gas 87 and 93 Octanes Available
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11 Apr 2011 06:12 PM

    I have finally created the first pump gas (87 and 93 octane) in 5 and 55 gallon drums. This is street legal conventional gasoline (no ethanol) that can be used in all street classes in club racing and solo events. We debuted the product at the ProSolo in Mineral Wells and it was a hit.

    Why use it? The primary reason is that fuel near most of our tracks is reformulated gasoline with 10% ethanol and ethanol has good octane but has much lower btu's than gasoline. A blend of 10% ethanol is about 3% oxygen and O2 has ZERO btu. So you can add 3% btu by using a fuel without ethanol. More btu's translates into more horsepower. In addition, many street series cars do better with fuel that has lower octane so you want the 87 or 93 rather than a 100 unleaded race gas.

    The fuel is expensive as we had to buy it in a conventional fuel area from Exxon Mobil and then we had drum costs (which keep going up with the price of steel) and shipping costs. So I am not happy that the costs added up so quickly but then again I did not drum up a huge volume - which I can do if the product is to your liking and once I can get large volumes then the transportation costs should be reduced as well as the drum costs.

    So you can order online at our store or preorder for the next SCCA event in Texas. If the product continues to be successful then we will roll it out to our network in other regions.

    Check the webite for the latest prices and availablity. Let me know you thoughts.