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Last Post 24 Aug 2011 06:33 PM by  jhewitt3
Shell Racing Fuels Available at SOLO Championships, Preorder
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24 Aug 2011 06:33 PM


    August 25th is the last day to place preorders for the Shell Racing Fuels (105 and 110 octane) and 93 Pump Gas at www.hyperfuels.com. The Shell URT100 will not be available therefore we are substituting the 93 Pump Gas sold at the Lincoln Airpark. Solo competitors can use the 93 Pump Gas to qualify for the contingency program by purchasing 5 gallons or more.

    Sapp Brothers Petroleum will be selling the Shell Racing Fuels at the ProSolo and Solo Events at the Airpark.

    • Shell URT 105: 105 Octane (R+M/2), no ethanol
    • Shell URT Advanced: 110 Octane (R+M/2), no ethanol
    • 93 Pump Gas

    After August 25th you must purchase your gasoline at the Sapp Brothers Petroleum fuel depot at the event. They will accept credit cards with ID. Remember to keep your receipt for the SOLO Contingency.

    QUESTIONS? Call HYPERFUELS at 281-447-7200