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Last Post 13 Mar 2001 09:18 PM by  ILenhart
How can I afford Club or Fomula racing?
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11 Mar 2001 08:05 PM
    I'm 23 and I make good money but not enough that I can afford to get where I want in racing. I've been to driving schools at Mid-ohio and recently I took Skip Barber's 3 day racing school. I want to get into a Formula Ford or Formula Mazda. I have the talent but I don't know how I can afford to do the arrive-and-drive programs. I see a lot of people that start out with help from their parents but that's not possible for me and I need to get my racing career moving.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get into road racing on a limited budget? I'm not sure if I can find any sponsors seeing that I'm just starting out.

    Any information would be appreciated.

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    12 Mar 2001 04:56 AM

    Look into Formula Vee. I know what you're thinking... "It's too slow... it's old technology." But, you won't find better competition in ANY of the other formula classes, the entry numbers are usually larger than the other classes and if you can drive a Vee fast... you can drive anything fast. Besides, a front running Vee is a LOT cheaper than a front running Ford.

    Darren, #32FV
    Delta Region, SCCA
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    12 Mar 2001 03:00 PM
    Please try formula vee, I picked a good regional car with a traier for $3500. The vee is simple to work on, all stock vw parts except the engine(leave the engine work to the pros, plus it is not like you can go to a parts store and find a spindle for a reynard) and there is plenty of drivers to race against. Check out [url=""][/URL]
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    13 Mar 2001 09:18 PM
    I was in the exact same position you are in a couple of years ago. I bought my first formula ford at age 21 (just turned 25) - a Van Diemen RF82. I knew from the get go that my talents will have to make up for the lack of funds. I still to this day, do not know what it feels like to go out onto the racetrack with a brand new set of sticker tires. You learn very fast to make due with your equipment. Getting out onto the track is best step to advance your racing career. During my first season, I race approximately 12 races - leading the very competitive Cendiv Regional points series up until the last race of season (lost the championship due to a crash the race before last). Don't forget, I was out there racing with a '82 Van Diemen against Swifts, Reynards, newer Van Diemens,etc. After the crash, I completely rebuilt the car from the frame up and sold it to a friend who raced it up until last season (sold it and bought a newer Van Diemen). I had the chance to get back into the car last year, and the car is still a blast to drive. I am now 25 and currently own a '92 Ray formula ford. I stepped up to another level - which also equals cost.
    As far as Arrive and drive - it is probably not the way to go due to per weekend cost and liability. Writing off newer cars (or even a nose) will cost a lot more when it is not your car. The three day Skippy school you paid for is probably half the price of a good starter car. Another point to consider is resale value. Like most people, you will spend more then you will get for the car when it is time sell it. However, you will get something for it, unlike a rental car. You can own and race full season in a really nice formula ford for the same price it would take to probably run 6 race weekends in a formula mazda. I hate to discourage you, but if you have dreams of becoming a pro driver, you should think about making a lot money fast and get into a PROF2000 ride or FF in Europe before you get any older.
    What is your budget? I hate to admit it, but the FV guys do have a valid point with close competition, if your need is to be ultra competitive fresh out of the box.
    I do know of a really starter formula ford if your interested. Send me a email and let me know more about your situation.
    Ian Lenhart
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