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Last Post 14 Mar 2001 11:00 AM by  JimFMracer
a few questions
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13 Mar 2001 12:50 PM
    I have decided on either FF or FC but I dont know which one would be better just starting out or what all the differences are besides wings and a bigger engine

    I also have another question we all know FVEE is the cheapest class to get into if you have a tight budget but what if money wasnt a problem I wish that was my case but it isnt I was just wondering what class would be the best one to get into if there was no money issue
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    14 Mar 2001 05:17 AM
    Gee... this is a fun one.

    The best formula to get into it money was not an issue... I don't know... maybe F1!

    Ok, really... if money were not an issue then you could focus on why you're in racing in the first place... SPEED and COMPETITION.

    SPEED is relative. A close race @ 50 mph is just as much fun as a close race @ 150 mph.

    So that leaves COMPETITION. Even the Indy 500 wouldn't be much fun if you were the only one on the track. You need others to compete with. Which formula has the most, really tight competition? I'd have to say Formula Vee. The fields are usually the largest of weekend and the top 5 or 10 can be covered by a blanket!

    Oddly enough, it also, by far, the least expensive?! Go figure...

    Darren, #32FV
    Delta Region, SCCA
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    14 Mar 2001 09:49 AM
    If you're looking at FC, you should also take a look at Formula Mazda.

    Neither class is cheap to get in. You could get a nice FC cheaper, but you likely won't run at the front of the pack.

    FM isn't cheap, but the cost of continuing to race one is quite a bit less than an FC.
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    14 Mar 2001 11:00 AM
    Agree that FV is a great place to start. Worked for me in the 70's. However, have to believe the FM is the place to be today. Real fast and fun. Bullet proof rotary motor, ultra reliable car, cheap replacement parts, dealers at all National events, prizes & money in FM Series in each region, Pro Series to move up to. Hard to beat that.
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    Jim in CT
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