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Last Post 12 Apr 2002 09:38 PM by  Randy3
Formula Atlantic Rules Update, Help Get This Done Please
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12 Apr 2002 09:38 PM
    Following, I hope, is text of a letter proposing several updates and clarifications I feel would benefit our class. I submitted this proposal in September of last year and have gotten luke-warm response from the Comp Board.
    Please read the proposal and add your voice to those who would like to see these changes, (before I protest your car?).

    If I don't get the proposal to show here please E-mail me and I'll send you the text directly. Thanks,
    Randy Cook rwcook3@attbi.com

    To: SCCA Competition Board
    From: Randy Cook 33R 70992 F/A #9
    Date: September 19, 2001
    Subject: Proposed Revisions to Formula Atlantic Rules

    Please consider the following suggestions for revisions to Formula Atlantic rules.
    In these submissions I have abbreviated sections of unchanged text with a series of periods (…..) and underlined new text. Deletions are marked with {} at the point of word deletion. Following each suggestion in [brackets] are my background thoughts which are not intended to be part of the proposed rule.

    A.1.c The driver’s seat shall be capable of being entered and exited without the removal or manipulation of any part or panel except for a quick release steering wheel and helmet restraint/cushioning devises. This specifically allows the use of added cockpit opening restriction devices for the purpose of restricting excessive helmet movement.

    [This change preserves the original intent of the rule while updating it to allow the use of modern safety technology.]

    A.1.g.2 Behind the trailing edge of the front wheels and forward of the leading edge of the rear wheels, the bodywork shall not exceed a {} width of 130cm (51.18 inches){}.{}. The maximum width of any aerodynamic device situated aft of the leading edge of the rear wheels shall not exceed 110cm (43.307 inches). The position of bodywork and aerodynamic devices is not only restricted by maximum width but that width dimension is situated symmetrically about the longitudinal centerline of the car.

    [This proposal eliminates the ancient conflict in the current rule allowing lateral fuel tanks to exceed bodywork width restrictions in the first sentence and then in the second sentence restricting them to placement behind the leading edge of the rear wheels. This wording has outlived its usefulness. Additionally, and primarily it corrects the concept that bodywork is not an aerodynamic device. This is accomplished by modification of the final sentence in the current rule. I believe every Atlantic car with bodywork exceeding 110cm width has been in violation of this rule. In the first sentence I’ve eliminated the word maximum because it is redundant.]

    A.1.g.7 The leading edge of an airfoil… Minimum radius 0.5 cm (0.2 inches).

    [No current front wing I’ve measured is less “sharp” than R0.4 inches. Most everyone, if not everyone is illegal. Regarding safety: The wings are dull but the end fences are not and are unregulated in this respect. Perhaps they should be.]

    A.1.g.10 The minimum wheel diameter is….All other cars front wheel width: 10 inches plus 0.25, minus 0.60 inches. Rear wheel width: 14 inches plus 1.25 inches, minus 0.60 inches.

    [Measuring wheel width to a radiused bead seat is very difficult to do and so I propose the above latitude not only for competitor and tech convenience but also to allow for slightly off spec wheels to be utilized rather than scrapped. This maintains the philosophy of separating the Super-Vee spec cars from the “Atlantic” spec cars while greatly reducing the undesirable risk of disqualification due to marginally undersize wheel width. In the GCR section on measurement methods and tolerance, no mention of tolerance is given for under-width wheels and so in this rare case of legislated width minimum it should be specifically stated.]

    A.1.g.11 All cars with venturi section….,no other part of the car except the {} chassis/monocoque shall be below a horizontal line situated 1cm (0.3937 inches) above the lower most extent of the central chassis/monocoque including skid panels or plates but excluding ordinary fastener heads. …

    [This change does three things. First, it clarifies by specific reference that a skid plate/panels/jabrock etc. is included in the “chassis/monocoque for purposes of measuring skirt height. I believe this is the original intent but I scratched my head so much over this that I bled. Second, this revised wording allows cars with longitudinally stepped chassis underside (raised nose design) to be legal if the step extends further aft than the rear edge of the front wheels (which is common, e.g. RT-40/41, Reynard 92/93H). And third, the terminology “other part”, “lowermost extent” and “central” chassis/monocoque” precludes a claim that a tunnel skirt is actually part of the “basic” chassis/monocoque.]

    A.2.c.9 Any distributor and/or {}ignition may be used. {}

    [Deleting “transistor” and the second sentence requiring that the “installation does not require any modification of the engine” updates this rule to current practice and removes what I see as an arbitrary reference to “any modification of the engine”. What does that mean?]

    A.2.c.19 Pulley, including camshaft drive pulleys, may be altered or replaced with others…..

    [Camshaft drive pulleys are currently modified with almost total regularity to achieve convenient valve timing adjustment. To restrict this modification, which is in general use is not in the best interests of the members’ pocket.]

    I’m happy to provide here my brief review of Formula Atlantic rules. Some mechanism for periodic review should be considered. I’m sure there are competitors interested in doing this. I’d be happy to continue this work if you find it useful.

    All the best to you,
    Randy Cook
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