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Last Post 05 Aug 2002 05:42 PM by  rocketrob95
FA new and weekly $$$...
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Rob Lay
New Member
New Member

15 Jul 2002 11:13 AM
    I entered racing a year ago and I will continue to race SRX7 for a few more years. I would then like to up the budget quite a bit and run a national class. After watching the FA's race this past weekend at the Texas GP, I have the desire to race the "fastest" on the track. Can you give me some cost estimates for a new FA and then also weekend estimates. As an example, I've given my current weekend costs for SRX7...

    entry fee - $225
    garage - $20
    tow gas - $60
    hotel 2 nights - $130
    food and beer - $90
    new tires $460 / 4 weekends - $115
    car gas - $25
    oil(engine, trans, rear) $60 / 4 weekends - $15
    misc. (rotors, pads, breaks) - $100
    Total per weekend... $780

    I also couldn't find any new dealers on the internet. I looked for Ralt and Swift and only found used ones. The used ones were priced from $15,000 to $60,000.

    I also wonder if I need a complete crew to run a FA. How much wrenching is required and is it possible to do a complete race weekend by yourself?

    rob lay
    Dallas, TX

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    * 1993 BMW 325is (SCCA DS, BMW CCA D)
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    David Ferguson
    New Member
    New Member

    15 Jul 2002 03:56 PM
    I hope you're sitting down.

    FA teams spend $100k - $2M per year to run a car. New cars are only produced by Swift Engineering (, give 'em a call to discuss pricing on the 014.a (the current car), as well as spares pricing for the current and prior cars. The previous generation (008.a I believe) is probably available as the pro teams update to the new car. I would expect that you would pay $60k - $90 for one.

    The engines are pretty pricey ($35k?), I think a rebuild is $15-20k.

    It takes someone really knowledgable to setup and prep these cars. You will need to spend quite few test days to find the very narrow setup window for each track. They are very sensitive to shocks, aerodynamics, etc.

    If you want to run in the same group, but can stand going a little slower, you might want to consider a FF2000. These smaller winged cars are challenging to drive, very quick, and use a much less expensive engine. Check out [url=""][/URL] for discussion on these cars, and to find reasonable priced cars you could get started with. You can acquire a good car for less than $25k, and run a serious season of National races for less than $40k.

    If you would prefer fenders, the same engine is used in the Sports 2000 [url=""][/URL] , or the faster/higher strung D/C Sports Racers [url=""][/URL] .

    Good Luck!

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    New Member
    New Member

    05 Aug 2002 05:42 PM
    call my dad, Bob Ferstl. He was one of the RT41's at TMS. he will be glad to answer your questions. once the car is paid for, the expenses you list are pretty close. you dont need a full crew. my dad does all his own work. 281-482-0305.

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