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Last Post 25 Jul 2001 09:08 AM by  Spectre
July 22nd event
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New Member

New Member

23 Jul 2001 05:22 PM
    Had another good local event. With some pretty impressive cars show up, an authentic shelby gt 350, and one lotus elise R. I think just under 100 people attended. Also wanted to thank all the Idaho guys who drove 5 or so hours to check out our region. Spectre got 1st place pax time, a first for STS in our region.

    Matt Guiver
    #33 STS
    Utah Region

    New Member

    New Member

    23 Jul 2001 06:28 PM
    Uh, you're posting in the Bermuda Triangle of these boards Matt. Should be called Rocky Mtn Ghost Town Division...
    Agreed, good event! You would'a been second or third PAX if it weren't for those darn cones. At least you hit them more like a good driver hits them: just barely clipping a slalom cone, etc.
    If Benson can get first, and I get third in PAX, our region must stink! SCCAForums Image Or we just really suck when it comes time for national events...

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    Keith White
    95 BMW 325is
    #19 GS Utah Region SCCA

    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    25 Jul 2001 09:08 AM
    It's not so much that we suck as much as GS and STS both have soft PAXes and X-class does not get included in the PAX results. I am sure Charlie and Mike both beat us on PAX. It is a little strange that Matt being 2.2 seconds behind me still ended up in 5th PAX. There was enough people there I would have expected closer times included in the top 10 PAX. That does suck about Cone King's misshaps though. He'll get used to the new suspension and start waiting a little longer to turn and quit hitting cones though.

    '98 2.5 RS
    38 STS Utah Region
    [url=""]Team Arg![/URL]
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