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Last Post 08 Feb 2004 03:35 PM by  christoc
Software Upgrade 2/8/04
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08 Feb 2004 01:32 PM
    The board software was upgraded today, I'll post a list of the changes shortly!
    I'm an Admin
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    Veteran Member

    08 Feb 2004 03:35 PM
    Here are some of the software upgrades that will effect the users. Some of these have been requested items, let me know if you run into any problems on the site with the recent upgrades.

    - Spider-friendly URL option to allow your board to be indexed by most major search engines.
    - Users may now subscribe to topics when replying.
    - Unsubscription links are included in all topic subscription emails.
    - Updated the My Profile page layout. New links have been added to your own post history and list of subscribed topics.
    - New profile edit confirmation screen allows users to see a preview of their signatures and public profile information.
    - Multiple forums may be searched at once (a multiple select box is used instead of a drop-down menu), and categories may be searched. Admins must enable these features.
    - New admin option to restrict public profile viewing to registered users only.
    - A new Quick Reply box has been added to the bottom of each topic. Admins or users may choose to hide the box. This saves one page view every time it is used, and saves two if you have the iframe post review feature turned on.
    - New user preferences to check (or uncheck) the "Show Signature" or "Disable Graemlins in this post" boxes on the posting forms by default.
    - Admins may now force all registered users to review the user agreement upon their next visit to the board. This will also trigger a date check if the user has not provided a birthday. This provides and easy way to ensure that your users see changes to your user agreement if you change it.
    - New "Remember Me" box on the login form (checked by default) allows users to optionally be logged out at the end of their browser sessions.
    - Users may now be given express permission to use an avatar, even if they normally could not. This control is available under the Permissions tab in the control panel edit profile page.
    - Forums sorted by topic subject are now also indexed by date, meaning they can be sources for Content Islands, and can be the target of a prune or mass move.
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