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Last Post 09 Feb 2006 05:17 PM by  LD71
Carbotech Presents the 2006 Winners Circle National Club Racing Points--includes Spec Miata!
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09 Feb 2006 05:17 PM

    Back again, bigger and better, Carbotech Presents the 2006 Winners Circle National Club Racing Points.

    Last year’s program was well-received, and with the move to Topeka, maybe this points thing is even more important!

    The whole thing started because the Runoffs is just one race—how to make the rest of the races more important by creating a points system to track ALL the drivers across the country, so at least we can see how everybody ranks all season long, and not just use the races during the season as a way to get to the Runoffs? This points system ranks all drivers on a National basis, not just in Division.

    The Championship starts at the start of the season (December these days) and ends on Labor Day—the Runoffs stands on its own. The points system takes into account the fact that the fields at some races are larger than at others by giving more weight to a win, and more points for beating a larger field---nobody said it’s perfect, but here it is: [H]

    Point System:
    All National drivers eligible, no registration needed
    -Count only your best 5 National races; drop lowest-scoring events if you score in 6 or more races
    -Points formula:
    1) 1st place, 15 points; 2nd place 11 points; 8; 6; 5; 4; 3; 2; 1.
    2) The points listed above will be multiplied by the number of entries; if there are 10 entries in the class, and you win, you get 150 points
    -Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

    Dave Schotz, and Chris Hammond provided the space at SCCAForums.com to show the scoreboard, and Carbotech Brakes is our presenting sponsor again this year. [Y]

    For 2006, we are adding T3 and Spec Miata!! Wow, those Spec Miata guys have big fields, and it will show in the points!! [:O]

    We have the following class sponsors: (please patronize our sponsors!)
    --T1 sponsored by Phoenix Performance [Beer]
    --T3 sponsored by Phoenix Performance [Beer]

    --SSB sponsored by WRP Investments [Beer]
    --SSC sponsored by Driving Impressions [Beer]
    --We hope to have a presenting sponsor for Spec Miata and T2 soon

    I'm happy that we were able to get a commitment from these guys as sponsors, they support the effort to get our racing a little more notice during the season before we get to the Runoffs.

    The 2005 winners were:

    T1, AJ "The Kid" Aquilante; John Heinricy ; Dave Roush

    T2, Kris Skavnes; Dave Rosenbloom; Dave Schotz

    SSB, Jim Ocuto; Tim Brecht; David Skultety

    SSC, Ryan Ciechanski; Joel Lipparini; Bill Hagerty


    OK, now the slate is clean, and here’s the current leaders as they stand after the National at California Speedway:


    Chris Ingle 253 2

    John Heinricy 215 2

    AJ "The Kid" Aquilante 208 2


    Dave Rosenbloom 210 2

    Kris Skavnes 154 2

    Stan Wilson 112 2


    Scott Shelton 159 3

    Rick Gilhart 135 2

    Dennis Holloway 116 3


    Tim Brecht 240 3

    Andrew Aquilante 162 2

    Rudy Consolacion 141 2


    Jeff Gerken 165 2

    Bill Hagerty 162 4

    John Heinricy 135 2

    Spec Miata

    Mike Halpin 1488 4

    Todd Buras 930 2

    Brad Rampelberg 907 2

    Check out the entire points list of everyone racing so far in 2006 at http://sccaforums.com/points/

    Looking forward to a great season in 2006!

    LD71 [:D]

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