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Last Post 13 Apr 2006 08:50 AM by  mazdamike
Out of town events...
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New Member
New Member

12 Apr 2006 05:57 PM

    I know this was posted within another thread, but since our next local event isn't until May 29th, there's some regions that have events in between...



    Any other regions that anyone care to post? [:)]

    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    12 Apr 2006 07:10 PM
    Here is the 2006 KC and Kansas Region schedule.


    Central IL Region, April 22 & 23, Rantoul, Former Chanute AFB,

    Southern IN Region, May 21, Lawrenceville, IL, Lawerncevile-Vincennes airport.

    Crazy Eddie
    New Member
    New Member

    13 Apr 2006 05:40 AM
    2006 Ozark Mountain Region SCCA Schedule
    March 19 - OMR Test and Tune
    April 30 - 1st OMR points Event
    May 20 - Road Rally
    May 21 - 2nd OMR points Event
    June 17 - 3rd OMR Points Event (Saturday Event - Fathers Day)
    July 8/9 - 4th OMR Points Event - Saturday/Sunday Double Header
    Aug 19 - Road Rally
    Aug 20 - - 5th OMR points event
    Sept. 9/10 - 6th and 7th OMR Points event (Nationals Warm-up double header! Double points event!)
    Sept. 26-29 - National Solo II Championship, Topeka, KS.
    Oct 7 - 8th OMR points event (Saturday event)
    Oct 21 - Road Rally
    Oct 22 - 9th OMR Points Event
    Nov 4 - Road Rally
    November 19 - 10th OMR Points Event
    As you can see we purposely have 3 road rallies the weekend of the autoxs in case anyone wants to do both. We average 5 runs per heat, 2 heats and Sam Henry says that the lot is supposed to have the same grit surface as the one at Topeka so it could make for a good testbed for the Nats. We would be glad to have y'all come visit when you can. [:)]
    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    13 Apr 2006 08:50 AM
    I for one applaude your doubling up events on the same weekend. It's efficient, helps free up the schedule, and should lead to more entries for both events (at least compaired to running them on the same day). Smaller regions tend to have a higher percentage of "crossover" participants.
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