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Last Post 24 Apr 2006 11:28 AM by  Lynn
Help please
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Veteran Member

24 Apr 2006 10:10 AM

    Something happened and the Calendar on went to the big delete planet in the sky.

    I have redone it but need for everyone to help me fill it in again. Please let me know if this lists you correctly. Lynn, can you help me fill in the safety people again, please?

    2006 St. Louis Region Solo Schedule
    Date Event # Location Chief Steward Event Chairman Safety Steward
    3/26/06 Novice School GIR N/A Bryan Sechrist Cliff Castle
    4/9/06 1 GIR Jan Rick Dan Hamel Chuck DeProw
    5/14/06 EVO School GIR N/A Andy Hohl
    5/15/06 EVO School GIR N/A Andy Hohl
    5/29/06 2 GIR Jan Rick Arshad Mohabbat
    6/18/06 3 GIR James Elterman
    7/9/06 4 GIR Kim Humphries
    7/23/06 5 GIR Bryan Sechrist Rande Hackmann
    8/13/06 6 GIR Carla Russo
    8/27/06 7 GIR Bryan Sechrist
    9/3/06 Divisional GIR TBD by Division Reto Koradi

    Sept. 3&4 (tech and check in Sept. 2) 2006 R&S Racing and Solo Performance Divisional Solo Series

    10/22/06 8 GIR Carla Russo
    10/29/06 9 GIR Dave Whitworth

    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    24 Apr 2006 11:28 AM
    Pete Wells will be the SSS for the first day of Evo school and I will be SSS for the second day. I will be contacting people via email shortly for the rest of the schedule.
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