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Last Post 19 Sep 2011 11:43 PM by  soloesp
Autocross is not Racing (a fun fur flyin debate)
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New Member

01 Sep 2006 10:20 AM

Look here Scotty after 20 minutes at the Pioneer most folks are so wacked they are calling you Shot Bottle-I-be................and now you're upset about spelling , this is typical of journalist types such as yourself.............my personal theory is you've been in the command trailer to long , the lack of motion sickness has brought on this sudden and distirbing clarity.


PS Fishbone is playing at first Friday.........when they sing Slut Child I always think of you.

New Member
New Member

19 Sep 2011 06:50 PM
Driven wrote:
....i enjoy both autocrossing and time trials... i like to drive fast and do it legally... these events allow me to do it. I'd love to do rally, but don't have a vehicle i want to subject to such punishment. now, if i can only get my alternator fixed, i can return to racing....or

Kam, your gripes have been removed, but we can all consider autox not racing, rather a competition.

One of the locals in my new state if residence pulled up this thread, and I hate to say it, but Tom is correct.

How is team bukake doing these days?

Basic Member
Basic Member

19 Sep 2011 11:43 PM
David Lehman wrote:


Why can't you race a convertible, or a open top car at the track ?


Too many old guys were losing their toupees.

TOTAL BULLSHIT! That's why you have to wear a helmet. Get it right Lehman!

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