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Last Post 31 Aug 2006 10:31 AM by  Racerlinn
Fall Frolic Double Regional at ORP (IRP), Sept. 30 / Oct. 1 - plus Handicap Race!
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31 Aug 2006 10:31 AM

    If you have not already received the entry in the mail, forms and supps are available at:

    Race Groups:
    Group 1 SM, ITB, ITC, SSB, SSC, GP, HP
    Group 2 ITE, ITS, GT1, GT2, GT3, AS, T1, T2, SP
    Group 3 ITA, BG, T3, SPU, EP, FP, GTL, LC
    Group 4 SRF, CFF, FV, F5, FST
    Group 5 FA, FM, FS, FC, CFC, FF, S2, ASR, CSR, DSR

    1. On Saturday there will be a Special Feature Event - The Headless Horseman Handicap Race. This event will be open to all closed wheel classes (including SRF). Cars will be handicapped based on their speed potential, such that slow cars start first, faster cars start at subsequent times based on their potential, and all cars should theoretically finish at the same time. First car to complete 10 laps wins.
    2. To enter, sign up at Driver Info. Entry fee will be $20, ALL of which will go into the purse, along with additional funds to be determined by the Race Chairmen. Minimum purse will be $500. Limited to first 24 cars entered.
    3. Purse Distribution: 35% to First Place, 25% to Second place, 15% to Third Place, 25% as the Drive of the Race Award (winner to be determined by the Race Chairmen and Operating Stewards). Payout will be in cash after the event. Top three finishers will also receive Champaign and podium photo session.
    4. Starting positions will be determined by the Chief Handicapper based on times turned during Saturday qualifying and races, class records, secret incantation, and black magic. (warning: eye of newt and toe of frog may be used)
    5. Cars will be gridded in single file order in the pit lane with the first starter at pit exit. Cars will start from the pit exit station (standing start) upon signal from the Chief Handicapper. As each car leaves the pits, subsequent cars must roll forward to the pit exit but may not proceed until signaled by the Chief Handicapper.
    6. Any car entering the pit lane from the track is automatically a DNF and must stop at the head of the pit lane so as not to interfere with remaining cars.
    7. Starting times as determined by the Chief Handicapper are not protestable. The Chief Steward has final say in all matters regarding the conduct of this event and may alter the regulations for this race only, as necessary at the time of the event.

    Special Supplemental Regulations for Chili Cookoff & Pumpkin Chucking
    Chili Cookoff ($5 race entry fee discount for bringing a pot of your own Chili)
    1. Contest open to all drivers, crews, and workers.
    Classes: “Wuss” (mild)
    “Holy Cow” (medium)
    “I Can’t Feel My Mouth” (hot)
    “Where’s the Beef?” (other than beef for meat)
    “Veggie” (no meat).
    2. Awards will be given on the basis of popular vote.
    Pumpkin Chucking
    1. The objective is to use an elastic (e.g. slingshot) type design to launch a generally pumpkin-shaped object of roughly one pound (provided by the pumpkin chairman).
    2. A Team of three humans must be used for holding and actuating the launcher.
    3. No hydraulic, electric, or propellant based launchers are allowed.
    4. Points will be awarded for accuracy relative to a target, not distance.
    5. Decisions of the Pumpkin steward are final.

    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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