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Last Post 28 Apr 2007 01:32 PM by  JT_TT
looking for a co-drive at the Detroit SoloOpener
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28 Apr 2007 01:32 PM
    Hey i posted this on detroit-scca as well, but i thought i would try here as well.

    Bit of an awkward request, and a bit of a long shot, but i'm wondering if anybody would be willing to open up a co-drive for an outta towner in detroit for buisness over the Solo Opener weekend.

    I will probably show up to watch and help out anyways because that's just what i do.

    Ok you may want to know a bit about me.

    Well i'm JT Letkeman i'm from winnipeg manitoba, i currently drive a DS prepped Audi TT. Last year i took 2nd in DS with my TT at canadian nationals in toronto 3rd for Canadian nationals in Pax behind GJ Dixon, and Carl Wener, 2nd in ESP for western canada regionals in my friends Camaro, and 2nd in the Winnipeg club for all stock classed cars behind Noel Mattson (2006 SCCA Nationals FS runner up). I used to have an STX Jetta but that just wasn't cutting it in the class, as well as driving a couple STi's for co-drives. I'm Comfortable with high horsepower RWD as the Camaro would run in US classing SM and has 500+ Hp but my TT is in stock so i'm ussually sitting in an awd car with 225 hp.

    i'm really not picky on what i drive as a drive is a drive, but really would love to be in a well prepped car. DS, STX, STU, and BS would probably be my first picks, but hey every car is alot of fun to drive.

    oh and if any of you will be at peru or milwaukee this year you will get to meet me as well as i will be running those tours and US Nationals this year trying my luck at the jacket.

    any questions about me feel free to ask away, i'm an open book if it would make you feel more comfortable.

    [url=http://members.shaw.ca/pythiasjt/2007%20Autocross%20E2R3.wmv]In car from two weekends ago[/url]
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    also more pictures of me racing here http://picasaweb.google.com/dsracer23
    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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