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Last Post 10 Sep 2007 08:54 AM by  scaryterry85
AGT Round Six Roebling Road - End Of The Road
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10 Sep 2007 08:54 AM

    Well it was the same committed teams that showed for round six - with the addition of Greg Simon in the Derhaag Corvette and Jeff Emery in his Monte Carlo....absent were series regulars Kenny and Jordan Bupp as they are busy prepping their cars for the Run-Offs (we missed you guys - good luck in Topeka) was another great display of driving talent by the entire field as practice times were close and all the drivers worked hard on getting ready for the weekend of racing action - special thanks goes out to the Buccaneer Region, Fred Clark, Mike Walters, Sandy Jackson and all of the SCCA staff, corner workers and safety crew as well as Kay and Richard and their friendly track staff for hosting a spectacular weekend event.

    I want to extend my best wishes to Jerry Lustig and hope to see you at the track real soon, rest assured Chuck is doing a great job with the car and though Kris had prior commitments, the shoe you hired to drive the Luna Seuno Corvette – Jim Goughary did one heck of a job posting fastest race lap time in just his first outing in the car. Fast out of the box was the championship team of the Lluch’s from Puerto Rico in the Don Q and Coors Light Corvettes….guys had some great runs on just their first time ever at Roebling and as always performed so well as a team even in the face of multiple bodypart and mechanical component repairs, changes and off road excursions. Heck of a race guys and as always a pleasure to share track and off track time with you – you are a class act all the way. Jon Levy worked tirelessly finding the right set up under his Camaro and ran one hell of a race – congrats man. The big surprise was the late entry of Jeff Emery, having raced all too long with Jeff I know what kind of competitor he is and he has no shortage of driving talent which he displayed for all to see with his back to back heat race wins taking top honors at this event. Jeff’s critics will soon be silenced as the news of his car being “huffed” in tech and being found 100% legal (358ci) spreads…face it the guy can flat out drive. Big bad Mark Shaffer and I struggled again with the new car sorting blues – trying to find the right set ups and correct some other issues – my electrical gremlins were only silenced by my incredible spin going into turn three at 150mph due to a loose rear wheel in the first race (I think they were silenced by my screaming like a “biatch” during the spin) – but they returned so we failed to make race two – so back on the trailer we went. Mark is a great guy – a heck of a competitor and I am happy to say a man I now call "friend" thanks to meeting him as part of this series.

    Suffice to say the AGT is made up of a great group of teams, drivers, crew and staff – Tony has done one heck of a job picking this thing up and trying his best to make it work, well I have done all I can – created the ground Pounder – arranged the Southern Tour, developed some relationships and made some valuable contacts for Tony and the crew from PR so that PR will soon be a new SCCA Region – and have put a lot of promotional effort in as well including trophies for the Southern Tour…..BUT – as of Roebling Road Round Six – this past weekend – I will no longer be involved with the AGT as it was announced that as of January 1st, 2008 the old management is again taking over control of the series….so that being said I will no longer be involved. I am going forward with my plans for a “grass-roots” GT1 SCCA compliant and approved Pro Series – which will be formatted and structured much like the IT-Pro Series run in Atlanta Region wherein we will run with select SE Division (and soon to be added “other divisions” as well) races in conjunction with SCCA events – lower entry fees, lower team fees, rules compliant package and none of the events will be run with SARRC points events – so we will not compete with, detract from or diminish the prestige or heritage of the SARRC Series and the SIC – my idea is to run with other regional events to help increase draw, car count and provide incentive for the workers and volunteers of the region – much like what I did this past year with the SCCA regions and the AGT – this time though it will be “me” and the series will be the GT Pro Series (GTP) – more details to follow. Many of the “AGT Regulars” have already made commitments to follow me and help develop this series as a true “grass roots” SCCA Pro Series – a step up for the drivers – and a promotional push for SCCA and motorsports as a whole with benefit going to the hosting SCCA region. I wish Tony and the entire AGT and all the teams well for the remainder of this season with 2 races left to go in the Islands…..all the best guys.

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