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Last Post 15 May 2008 10:29 AM by  David Ferguson
TRE Actuator Output Ratchet
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14 May 2008 09:48 PM

    To the Formula SCCA (FE) community,

    Taylor Race Engineering, Inc. announces the availability of the TRE output ratchet for the Formula SCCA shift actuator. The completely new cam profile, larger diameter, and purpose built detent plunger are designed to address the common problems associated with the original and "Chinese" output ratchets:

    • False neutrals - the new cam profile makes it nearly impossible to have a false neutral
    • Double up shifts and downshifts - the special detent and new cam profile greatly reduces the probability of double shifts
    • Hand blistering from the extremely hard shifting of the "Chinese" rotor - the new cam profile reduces shift force as the shift is completed.
    • Accidental neutral or reverse engagement - deeper lockout pockets insure positive stop of drum in first gear
    • Rapid wear of the detent bore - the new detent plunger replaces the ball in the detent system, distributing the load over a wide area, reducing wear.

    For early actuators some precision machining is required. The price for the INV-05104004KIT is $650.00, including actuator, bearing, plunger, spring and machining of housing. The cost of labor for disassembly, inspection, setup and blueprint of the actuator is $125.00. Because of the machining and setup required this upgrade is only done in our shops.

    For the newer "Chinese" actuators, the upgrade can be fitted without modification to the housing. (The retaining screw for the plunger must be shortened.)

    · INV-051040041 output ratchet $475.00

    · INV-051040081 plunger $20.00

    · INV-264610 spring 3.00

    Please give us a call at 800-922-4327 to reserve your update.


    Taylor Race Engineering

    David Ferguson
    New Member
    New Member

    15 May 2008 10:29 AM

    Is this compliant with GCR 9.1.1.A.5.7.b.9 which states "The shift actuator assembly must operate as supplied by SCCA Enterprises.  It can be polished, shot peened, or have REM treatment, heat and cold treatment."    Your part sounds like a different shape/operation.



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