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Last Post 30 May 2008 07:06 PM by  SopFu
Anyone going to Louisville this Weekend?
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30 May 2008 07:06 PM

    Because I need a fast car to drive! Both of my front wheel bearings are bad, and parts won't be in until Thursday. I started hearing humming while turning right after Saturday's test n tune, and it's been getting worse all week. Finally took it in to the dealer and they say the left wheel grinds when spinning while suspended, and the right wheel has more play than specified as well. Car only had two years worth of autox/agressive driving before I bought it (probably no more than 8 events but I believe at least some were on r-comps), and I've only done about 12 events since I bought the car in October on street tires. Only 23K miles.

    If I don't get any takers, look out for a Cobalt ES running in Street Tire Open!

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