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Last Post 03 Jul 2008 07:56 AM by  elzorrofxt
Washington DC AutoX School - 2008 DCAWD AutoX class by Brian Garfield... Part II!!!!
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03 Jul 2008 07:56 AM

    Yes, you read right, DCAWD is gonna do it again! Brian was great to us as always, the location was great, so we're gonna do it again this summer. Aiming for a second AutoX class in mid- or late-August. Need to gather up interest and cash. Once we're full and the money is collected I pay Brian and he reserves the lot. Please feel free to crosspost this anywhere you can (of course in line with that forum's policies...)

    Check out the previous threads to get an idea of whats going on:


    So, same sort of deal:
    - Get together early (7:30am) at the site. Please come gased up!
    - Brian talks, we prep cars, tech inspection
    - Lots of driving, laughing and smiles!
    - Lunch
    - More driving!

    What is different this year:
    - We will be at FedEx Field (Ripkin is 'unavailable' due to city government issues apparently)
    - It will be large enough to run two figure 8's (shortening the 'boring' part of the day), and possibly a 'drag strip' for practicing shifts, and possibly a skid pad

    So, the details:
    - Date is TBD, aiming for a weekday between 11AUG and 22AUG, 730am to ~ 3pm
    - FedEx Field, MD
    - 12 students
    - $215/person
    - We'll bring lunch in (we'll figure this out as we get closer)
    - Money to Jason ASAP!!! (Cash, check, paypal (if you pay the fee, 3%, so $221.45))

    Like past years, your spot isn't 'confirmed' until I get the cash, the class isn't confirmed until I get everyone's cash and get Brian paid (and he gets the site reserved with Fedex). Once you are confirmed you are responsible for finding a replacement for your spot if you can't make it. I know this is hard, in 2006 I had to cancel at the last minute and couldn't find a replacement, but the price per person is set based on filling the class.

    If this class fills up and we have 'wait list' folks, I may organize a third class later on in the year (October or so). So if for some reason the timing doesn't work for you there may be a second chance.

    So, shout out if you are interested, get me the bucks, and off we go!

    - Jason Fox

    - Vice President, DCAWD

    - http://www.dcawd.com

    - el blah zorro blah fxt@gmail.com (remove the blah's)

    1.) Dan H - ?Novice? - Paid
    2.) unrequited - ?novice? - Not Paid
    3.) zaxrex - ?moderate? - Paid
    4.) Adam - moderate - Paid
    5.) Darwin - ?novice? - Paid
    6.) WRXWagon2112 co-worker - novice - Not Paid
    7.) Darrin - ?moderate? - Paid
    8.) Marina - ?moderate? - Paid
    9.) Darrin Friend - ?novice? - Not Paid
    10.) Ian - ?novice? - Not Paid
    11.) ?
    12.) ?

    Previous email from Brian on stuff for the class:

    Brian wrote:
    We will be having a discussion and Q&A prior to driving. We'll then
    run two drills in the morning with a full course in the afternoon.

    The instructors for this school are TBD.


    -If you have regular street tires, make sure you air them up to at
    least 5 psi above recommended pressures. There may not be a
    compressor at the event, so come prepared!

    -Bring your helmet if you've got one, but we do have loaners. Helmets
    must be SNELL approved, not simply DOT.

    ****The event is rain or shine, so be prepared for inclement weather,
    PLEASE DRESS appropriately, you will be standing outside in whatever
    weather we have.***

    -If it's going to be hot, please bring plenty of water. (Note from Jason:
    we'll have two cases of water for 15 people, if you need more than a
    couple 3-4 bottles I'd consider gatorade) Remember that
    you'll be standing on hot asphalt the whole day, so you can add about
    10 degrees to the forecast... (Note from Jason: don't forget sunscreen!!)

    -Bring good walking shoes and get plenty of rest, there will be a lot
    of driving. (Note from Jason: When you are not driving you will be
    running for cones, this is a high activity day, come prepared!)

    -Bring a chair to rest in.

    ******Arrive by 7:30am sharp.*******
    The program will be over at 3pm.

    Directions and a Parking Map for FedEx Field are here:
    <!-- m -->http://www.redskins.com/fedexfield/...-- m -->
    **Lot is TBD**
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