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Last Post 12 Aug 2008 09:18 PM by  Jeff Bailey
GTA racing at the Daytona Double SARRC August 9-10,2008
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Jeff Bailey
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New Member

30 Jul 2008 09:34 PM
    The August 9-10, 2008 Double SARRC races sanctioned by the Central Florida Region SCCA currently have 17 GTA racecars entered. The GTA National Tour has proven to increase the GTA car counts this year and draw the "best of the best" in stockcar roadracers. Drivers from as far away as California, Texas, and Kansas are traveling to Daytona, Florida to collect points in the GTA National Tour. The following drivers are currently entered to race the event.

    GTA 17 drivers Class List
    7 Tommy "Hollywood" Graham 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo
    Sponsored by: Financial Freedom Resources,Blue Room Cafe & Grill
    10 Jeff Bailey White / Red 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    Sponsored by:
    12 Steve Wiles White 2003 Ford Taurus
    Sponsored by: Lasik 1
    19 Andy Fox Black/White 2004 Chevy Monte Carlo
    Sponsored by: Flying Fox Farm
    22 Gregg Rodgers black 2004 Howe Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    Sponsored by: Pinnacle Autosports
    29 Ron Farris Black 2007 Chevy Monte Carlo
    Sponsored by: Biometics
    37 George Lutich White 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo
    Sponsored by: Paragon Water Systems
    66 Ron Keith Blue 2003 Ford Taurus
    Sponsored by: ArborMasters Tree & Landscape
    70 Rudy Revak white 1990 ford taurus
    Sponsored by: Symmetry
    77 Tony Amico black 2000 chevy monte carlo
    Sponsored by: Caddy's on the Beach
    81 Tom Boldry Silver/Black 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo
    Sponsored by: Comprehensive Foot Centers
    91 Randy Keith Green & White 2003 Chevy Monte Carlo
    Sponsored by: Instant Shade Tree Transplanting Inc
    00 Jay Marshall red/white 2003 chevy monte carlo
    Sponsored by: Cheyenne Asphalt Inc
    111 Stacy Rodgers Red/White 2005 Portcity Chevy Monte Carlo
    Sponsored by: Pinnacle Autosports
    116 Phil Tapia Black 2003 Lefthander ASA
    Sponsored by: My Family
    119 Mark Nasrallah Black/White 2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    Sponsored by: Flying Fox Famrs
    134 Preston Fowler Yellow 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix
    Sponsored by: FASTRacing
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    New Member
    New Member

    31 Jul 2008 04:20 PM

    This was taken off the online registration system which some regions (like CFR) set up to show nicknames rather than the driver's full name. In the interest of accuracy, therefore, I'll complete the listing.

    #12 is Steve Wiles of Kansas.

    #19 should be Andy Fox of Florida. Longtime IT driver, and this should be his first SCCA event in a GTA car.

    #29 is Ron Fariss, of Virginia. Currently in third place in the GTA SARRC points race.

    #116 is Phil Tapia of Florida. I believe he set the GTA record at Daytona last year.

    As Jeff wrote, this is the fifth of six events in the GTA National Tour, and many of the points leaders will be making the trip so we could see a shake-up in the points standings. A driver can count the best three of six events. The standings (with number of events) at this point are:

    Bob Stretch 3 63
    Gregg Rodgers 3 53
    Ron Keith 2 38
    Jay Marshall 2 29
    Randy Keith 2 29
    Rudy Revak 1 28
    Ron Fariss 1 26
    Stacy Rodgers 2 26
    Tom Boldry 2 26
    Bryan Dobyns 1 22
    Dennis Hillhouse 2 21
    Bob Davis 1 17
    Marci Hillhouse 2 17
    David Dobyns 1 14
    Doug Harrington 1 13
    Tony Amico 1 13
    Lenny Mullin 1 12
    Tom Graham 1 11
    Richard Schley 1 10
    Steve Wiles 1 10

    Jeff Bailey
    New Member
    New Member

    31 Jul 2008 09:57 PM

    The original post was edited...sorry guys, it was late.

    Phil Tapia did set the GTA track record last year on September 30th at 1:59.748....pretty quick for 500hp and 2830 lbs.

    I would almost bet a GTA car gets into the 1:58's this year.......not bad for a car you can buy race ready in the low 20's.

    Jeff Bailey
    New Member
    New Member

    31 Jul 2008 11:13 PM

    As of this afternoon,

    Group 6 AS, ASR, BP, GT1, GT2, GT3, GTA, SPO, ST, T1, T2

    63 cars..... let the fun begin !

    Jeff Bailey
    New Member
    New Member

    12 Aug 2008 09:18 PM
    The Daytona Double on August 9th and 10th was another well run regional event by the Central Florida Region SCCA. The weekend’s pair of races was South Atlantic Road Racing Championship (SARRC) points events which included numerous road racing series in attendance. The GTA National Tour, V8stockcar, and the “Tour de Florida” made for a large field of GTA cars from across the country. Rudy Revak traveled all the way from California to race the GTA car he sold to Tom Graham a few months back. Tom was excited to have the “Hotshoe” driving his well sorted Ford GTA racecar. Rudy was making his second GTA National Tour start in his quest towards the title of the first ever GTA National Tour. Rudy won the Sonoma, California date for the GTA National Tour but fell short at Daytona due to mechanical issues in both days’ races. We all look forward to having Rudy back on this side of the country in the near future. Also in attendance was the Kansas Tornadoes who are a fine group of individuals and strong competitors. They are truly having a blast racing their GTA cars and traveling around the country together. The Texas group from Pinnacle Motorsports headed by Gregg Rodgers quickly found the fast line around Daytona. Ron Fariss and Bob Davis traveled from Virginia. They are both very talented drivers which run up front everywhere they race. It was great to have Scott Lagassee Jr. in attendance racing with us in the GTA class. He ran some very impressive lap times. The “Florida Boys” were at Daytona in large numbers to try and keep the Central Florida hardware (trophies) at home in Florida.

    Saturday’s qualifying proved to be a difficult task with about 60 cars taking to the track in group 6. Ron Keith, Gregg Rodgers, Jay Marshall, Bob Stretch, and Rudy Revak were the top 5.

    Saturday’s race was won by Bob Stretch. Gregg Rodgers, Jay Marshall, Ron Fariss, and Ron Keith finished out the top 5.

    Sunday’s qualifying included just over 50 cars in group 6 which still proved to be difficult for many competitors to get a clean lap. Proper planning and excellent radio communication proved to be the ticket to a good qualifying run. Bob Stretch set the pole for GTA followed by Jeff Bailey, Gregg Rodgers, Jay Marshall, and Ron Keith.

    Sunday’s race was very intense and tested the GTA rules for the different GTA racecar packages. The race was won by the smooth driving style of Bob Stretch. Jeff Bailey finished second followed by Scott Lagassee Jr., Bob Davis, and Tony Amico.

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