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Last Post 11 Aug 2008 05:04 PM by  christoc
6.0 Ford Hydro-locks on EGR cooler failure
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11 Aug 2008 04:34 PM

    My 2005 6.0 F350 EGR cooler failed on the way to Fingerlakes Pro. Not being intimidated by leaving the truck, a 35 foot gooseneck Featherlite full of tools and gear at a truck stop, I slapped on new Hoosiers (changing tires in the truck stop drew quite the crowd) and drove the Lotus 175 miles to the event. Beating Pat Salerno helped but the whole thing just sucks.

    I've got 7 of the 9 VIN's from Ford Vehicles I've bought in the last 15 years. Ford wasn't impressed and even though I have had lots warranty work on this engine they are leaving me out in the cold at 109,000 miles. I like Ford trucks and this problem is really with the engine. The 200,000 mile extend warranty came out too late for me.

    A long fight isn't worth my time, but if somebody knows where the soft spot is let me know.

    For those who don't know Ford now has 200,000 mile warranty available for about $2000, plus other options for more money. Take them up on it and use it as often as possible.[:D]

    Brian Conners

    177 SS

    Lotus Elise

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    Veteran Member

    11 Aug 2008 05:04 PM
    I've got a 6.0 as well, it has 85k on it and the 100k warranty ends in November, we'll hopefully be getting rid of the truck in October. It has been nothing but a POS since we've owned it.
    SCCAForums.com Admin
    Chris Hammond
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