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Last Post 03 Sep 2008 11:31 PM by  ESP89
BOD Campaign
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01 Sep 2008 08:42 PM


    Westland, MI – July 18, 2008 – Marcus Merideth announced today that he will be seeking the position as the SCCA Board of Directors member representing Area 4 in the upcoming November election.

    As an 18 year member, Marcus has served the Club in various capacities. He served on the Solo Events Board for six years, the last three years as Chairman. Previously Marcus served on the Detroit Region Board of Directors for three years and held the Regional Executive position for two of those years. He has crewed for both professional and regional road racing competitors; held a regional road racing license for three years; chaired Formula SAE for SCCA; worked Solo Events as Chief Steward, Safety Steward, Operating Steward and Chairman; currently holds a Solo Safety Steward Instructor License, Solo Youth Steward License and sometimes works race events in Flagging and Communication. Marcus’ rally experience was gained in his college years playing in the Ozarks Mountains of Missouri.

    He is a true race car enthusiast who has great passion for motorsports competition and welcomes the opportunity to share his hobby with others, Marcus states, “I am a firm believer that if you enjoy something you should contribute to make sure it continues and to make it better while introducing others. SCCA is all about having fun with cars and, although it is a business, having fun with cars is what we do best. I feel I have much to offer with my experience having served at both the Regional and National levels. I can offer a unique perspective to the club and how it functions. I want to use that broad view to help the Club grow stronger and secure its future.”

    Marcus is a mechanical engineer with a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering and is currently employed by TZ Group in Troy, MI. TZ Group is an intellectual property and technology development company with design and engineering operations throughout the US and Europe. The company is a leader in the integration of intelligence and software control into everyday objects to enable new levels of functionality. Before joining TZ, Marcus spent 17 years at Ford Motor Company as an engineer, technical specialist and supervisor. Marcus holds a Professional Engineering License in the state of Michigan.

    Look for further updates on the campaign in the near future.

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    03 Sep 2008 11:31 PM

    Platform Statement of Marcus Merideth

    Candidate for SCCA Area 4 Director

    This is a very exciting time in the SCCA. Challenged by a slow economy and real competition in the market, we need to solidify our position as the leader and the only place to have fun while playing with cars. As a Club we need to promote ourselves both nationally and locally. SCCA was once the place to go for motorsports competition in the US. Now there are numerous competitors trying to wrestle the crown away from SCCA. Reaching out in the community with driver training and other community service activities will show the community our enthusiasm and value.

    My experience with many levels of the club as a competitor, crew and volunteer provides me with a broad based perspective of how the Club operates and how to address the issues facing it today.

    SCCA is a club and a business. Fiscal responsibility and openness will allow us to maximize the membership value. Financials should be tracked on a quarterly not yearly basis. Action cannot be taken at the end of the year to offset unexpected occurrences. Fiduciary responsibility for the SCCA is the BOD’s primary responsibility and along with that communicating to the membership. We must assure we never see financial difficulties again with long term planning and commitments.

    The Great Lakes Division National Racing program is at a cross roads. Declining numbers of participants and volunteers threaten the viability of events. Scheduling conflicts have driven us to a competitive situation between Regions and Divisions for participants and volunteers to the detriment of all. Continuing to address the situation with the same old approach has not worked and will not work. A fresh perspective on the National level is needed. Exciting and fun racing drives the club and is what attracts participants and volunteers. Analyzing event scheduling from a joint Divisional perspective will eliminate event deterioration and help all Regions get their share of the pie. Possible solutions are to have fewer events, restrict the classes at the current events so the competitors have fewer events, or have weekends showcasing classes offering more seat time or a preferred race time. Finding a way to include a PDX in a race weekend might be a way to offset some of the event costs. I am sure there are more ideas out there but continuing on the current path is not the better idea. Working together on the Regional level, we must find a solution and move forward.

    Formula SAE is a great program for SCCA and we must do everything we can to provide the competitors and organizers a positive experience. Mentoring the local collegiate team and encouraging them to come out and play with us not only at Solo events but all events will guarantee the future of SCCA. SCCA continues to be the safety leader in motorsports and that must continue. We must reinforce our strengths and address our weaknesses. SCCA will be known as the best events with the best competition in the US.

    My experience as Regional Executive, with the Solo Events Board and working with the BOD leads me to believe that one thing we are not lacking is passionate knowledgeable people who want the Club to be the top of the motorsports pyramid. We as a Club should not be afraid to draw on that knowledge and enthusiasm.

    My extensive competition history and broad based volunteer experience make me uniquely qualified to lead the Great Lakes Division as their representative on the Board of Directors. I will bring a fresh perspective with a respect for every facet of the Club.

    Past Club Experience

    1. Chairman, Solo Events Board 2005-2007, member 2001-2007
    2. Regional Executive - Detroit Region
    3. Solo Competitor 1987-Present
    4. Regional Road Racing License holder 1999-2002.
    5. Formula SAE SCCA Chairman
    6. Detroit Pro Solo Chairman
    7. Chairman for numerous Regional Solo Events
    8. Solo Safety Steward
    9. Solo Safety Steward Instructor
    10. Solo Youth Steward
    11. Race Volunteer
    12. Rally Competitor
    13. Pro and Regional Race Crew
    14. Member since 1990

    Please vote for me in the upcoming election!

    Marcus Merideth



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