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Last Post 30 Sep 2008 06:43 PM by  GLHDONTFLY
Kruse Solo
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Warren LeVeque
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New Member

29 Sep 2008 11:02 AM
    After not autocrossing for about 3 weeks -seems no one will schedule
    anywhere near the Nationals date---I needed a speed fix so traveled the
    100 miles to the Fort Wayne event at the Kruse Auction site.
    I almost didn't go because I remembered how slippery it was and
    didn't want to repeat the stories about the Nationals sand.
    We all jumped in and used leaf blowers and brooms to clean up the
    surface. I concentrated on the off line areas where I didn't really
    didn't want to be , but might slip to. The surface turned out to be
    very predictable and raceable.
    The event was very clevery designed with two cross overs, a "Double
    cross" so to speak.
    The designer allowed a large choice of lines into the corner
    sections which resulted in being able to use big sweeps if you got far
    enough off of the "FWD" line" . It was great fun. And I don't care if
    it was theoritically slower; it was fun!. The FWDs and 4WDs could still
    take the tight lines if they wanted to!
    Steve Meritz did take the tight lines in his CSP/EP (4th at
    Nationals in EP) Honda and spanked us all by 1.2 Sec.
    Jerry Stope and I were next over all with me .2 sec behind his late
    An interesting EMod was a 1983 Ford truck with a 465 CID engine
    running on Porpane. It was well set up also.
    There were a lot of older stock cars --1985 Corvette, several
    Porsche 914s very upset about the deleting older stock cars proposal.
    There were at least a dozen 4WD Rally cars running; must be a record
    of some kind for a local event. I really expected them to get FTD.
    Maybe it wasn't slick enough.
    We were susposed to get 6 runs , but I got 8 because a certain EM
    AMX kept spinning in front of me. I had to refuel to keep running.
    My little Corvair Roadster ran and handled great and was rarely
    without a passenger. I tried to keep passengers about the same weight
    as me and ran my best time with a "victim".

    What a great and blessed day.
    Shawn IN
    New Member
    New Member

    30 Sep 2008 12:16 PM
    Your car sounded great. I enjoyed watching it run. I loved the course, but it was my first autocross so I have nothing to compare it too. I had lots of fun. Learned to check my tire pressure though seeing my valve cap came off sometime during the runs. Right driver side tire was really low in pressure and you can see where I was driving on the sidewall too. Didn't notice till I headed home while at a gas station.
    New Member
    New Member

    30 Sep 2008 06:43 PM

    I also had a great time. I showed up for my first event in about ten years, severly overdrove the car but still had fun . Next time I will be trying to run at a bit less than 11/10ths. It was a fun day and a very well run event. Thanks All!

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