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Last Post 05 Oct 2008 11:12 PM by  Warren LeVeque
Aussie pursuit--Indy 16 th st.
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Warren LeVeque
New Member
New Member

05 Oct 2008 11:12 PM

    How can you have so much fun without winning?

    An Austrailian Pursuit is a side by side race by two cars on opposite
    sides of a peanut or snowman shaped course. After two laps the leader
    is the winner. A cone is certain death. Think bent circular drag race
    or a "Pro Solo"
    You've seen this course if you raced around the "Tweety Head" at
    the Corvair Olympics.
    You have brackets like championship ball games, You start in the
    winners bracket and then go to the loser's bracket and fight your way
    back. If you lose twice then you get a free fun run. Every one else
    pays an extra fee.
    Two years running running, I've finished 2nd over all in the Corvair
    Spyder Roadster. Both times I was beaten immediately by the eventual
    overall winner and then fought my way back through the loser's bracket
    via 7 runs to lose to the same car again. Rats---but it was great fun
    dirt (dust?) tracking the car around.
    The car I lost to this year was the Lotus 7 clone (ultralight)
    that my son Michael prepared(Levair Performance and Restoration)
    ---driven by Steve Brinkerhoff.
    This 1200# pound car has a front/ mid Honda S2000 drive train. Then
    in the fun runs, Michael drove the Lotus and I got beaten again---Rats
    again. Michael also brought Steve's OTHER Lotus (Honda) clone which he
    got running just last Friday. At least I beat that one.
    All four of the heats were interesting; mainly in the fact that all
    types of cars ran heads up: 4wd rally cars VS rear drive pony cars,
    Civics VS Miatas and MR2s. there certainly were a lot of different
    lines. Nothing seemed move powerful than the Rally cars; they seem to
    hurt a bit on the sweepers though.
    They can write their own report.
    It was a spectator delight sitting in the shade in the beautiful
    weather, watching the races.
    If you missed this event, I feel sorry for you---very well run and
    very exciting.

    The Roadster is not broken yet after 8 runs at Ft. Wayne and 9 runs
    here at 16 st.
    So I'm giving it a rest and running the CP Corvair Stinger at
    Grissom AFB on the 26th.

    Then Sharon and I are taking the little car to Florida Nov 1 for the
    SECC event as far as we know now.

    It was a great day and I made it to Church on time again.


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