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Last Post 27 Oct 2008 06:23 PM by  The Nebulizer
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New Member

New Member

27 Oct 2008 05:27 PM
    Yee Haw!!!

    Are we sick? It was around 40 deg. and 45 mph winds and we had a great
    time anyway at Grissom AFB.
    Well maybe not the first heat group who made half of their runs in
    the rain. Of course we had to work in the rain. It was so windy that
    pylons , timing equipment and chairs were blowing over. Reminds me of
    Kansas in late Sept.
    Weather forecasters in Indiana don't even come close. Can't hardly
    wait to head for Florida Tuesday.
    Some of the Indy members in open cars on slicks just slunk away and
    went home due to the weather--you know who you are.
    The 45 mph winds dried up the water and the concrete surface was
    grippy for the 2nd and third heats where slick tired cars ran.
    The two ladies in 200 hp, 1200#,open slick tired cars , ran in the
    early rain heat and had a ball. Both were novices and put on a great
    show with Wanda (car co- owner) pulling out a .6 sec. win over Tracy.
    They say that the men who slunk off are Barbie Dolls.
    I drove the turbo Corvair Stinger for two reasons , one was to have
    some cammeraderie with other CP drivers and the other to test my ever
    changing set up. The Cammeraderie was a given, competing with Jeff
    Rapp-Corvair, and Robert Richwine-Mustang. We had a great time and I
    was able to take the win--always helps.
    I had just recently decided that the early reduced section(smaller
    .2 A/R ratio) turbo exhaust housing was too small and reducing power
    output, although with great response,. I ran the late, larger (.55 A/R
    ratio) housing at a recent Indy event and was constantly smoking the
    rear tires. so for Grissom I had installed much larger 23.5-11.5-15" in
    tires on 12" wheels, in an R 35 coupound.
    I ususally run the smaller car at small events and the huge car at
    larger ones anyway. I was afraid that the rain was going to ruin my
    testing, but the course was great for it; lots of room for boost and
    fun sweeping turns. I believe that the sustained momentum design was
    good for all cars.
    The test was great, the car was a hoot to drive, and the boost was
    addictive--just ask the rider/victims. The previous over locking rear
    diff (hard to turn in) was fixed also. I turned the same times whether
    in 2nd or 3 gear, so the torque was there. 52.5
    There was a great race between Michael (Levair Performance) and his
    car owner Steve Brinkerhoff in the other powerful light Lotus 7 clone
    with Michael taking a .1 second win. 48.3
    Watching the other less powerful classes turn very fast times (i.e.
    Ron Conrad's 54.5 in an STS car) proved that the momentum design helped
    every one.
    PAX best was Chuck McMillion in an AWD car-fast in all
    We had a mini year end banquet at the Golden Corral later, great
    friends, great fun.
    Now I have to go out in the freezing weather to unload the Stinger
    and load the Roadster for the trip to St. Augustine, FL.


    Veteran Member

    Veteran Member

    27 Oct 2008 06:23 PM

    Actaully Clemens won PAX (though Chuck made quite a strong effort to get 2nd)

    BTW Warren - you do know we have an Indy Region Forum at this site now too? (That's where all the cool people hang out.[:P])

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