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Last Post 22 Dec 2008 11:02 PM by  OneEyeMedia
Annual Waiver Hard Cards
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New Member

22 Dec 2008 07:37 PM

    My membership expires each January 31, so I have just received my annual renewal in the mail. In the envelope, there was material about an "Annual Waiver". It would appear that this would be a card that you apply for that would replace your membership card/licence, have your photo on it and take the place of you having to sign a waiver at every event. The material included in the envelope is a letter explaining the program as well as the "legal" form for you to fill out. The SCCA has made the photo part easy by allowing you to upload a photo online. However, I find the letter and the form a little confusing. The letter explains that if you held a competition licence (Club Racing) in the previous year or were a Race Official with 2+ days worked (at a Club Racing event) in the previous year, there is no charge; all others must pay $10 for the convenience. Also, it is not totally clear if this program is only applied to Club Racing events or if it applies to all SCCA club events that require a waiver. I would assume that if you choose not to or are precluded from participating in this "Annual Waiver Hard Card" program, you could still participate in non-Club Racing events and you would have to sign a waiver for each event, as we have been doing, in order to participate.

    Can someone enlighten me who is in the know? I did search the main forums here and found nothing.


    New Member

    New Member

    22 Dec 2008 11:02 PM

    Googled: 2009 SCCA Annual Waiver

    Links I found:

    Look about mid-page

    I am going to look more tomorrow, got a cheese cake to finish baking and get to bed :P

    Take 'er easy BRO!


    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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