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Last Post 12 Dec 2010 04:23 PM by  Geedub
WELCOME & Forum Rules
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NYR Solo

Basic Member

Basic Member

11 Dec 2010 07:17 PM

    Welcome to the new New York Region SCCA message forum. I'd like to that Chris H w/ for allowing us to join inhere and use their merry bandwidth. We also have a classifieds section for our region below this forum, so please don't crosspost between the 2.

    some simple rules:

    1.Keep the swearing out. If George Carlin (RIP) couldn't say it on broadcast TV, don't write it.

    1a. You can dodge my swear filter. be creative if necessary. I like anagrams.

    2.Any SCCAforums member can freely visit the NYR forum and post messages on here.

    3.While the forum is very autoX oriented, any motorsports/club activity can be discussed here.

    4.SCCAForums Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to edit any and all content of the forums.

    5.The views, and opinions, expressed on the NYR SCCA forum are not necessarily those of SCCAforums or it's administrators. NYR SCCA and it's administrators are not held responsible for views or opinions posted in the forums.

    6.Members are limited to one username on SCCAforums, creating extra usernames will result in deletion of accounts.

    7. Prohibited Types of Posts on the NYR forum include:
    a)NWS (Not Work Safe) material. This can include everything from websites about hate groups to pornography.
    b)Misleading links. A misleading link is a text link that says one thing and takes you to another site.
    c)Links to websites that contain crazy pop-ups, make your CD tray open, or otherwise disturb your computer.
    d) Personal attacks directed towards other members and other websites are strictly prohibited on the NYR forums.
    e)No post whoring. This is where one creates a lot of small, worthless posts to increase their post count. We're guests, respect your host.
    f)Absolutely no "elite" style (***, @@@, iMpReZa) or all caps writing is allowed anywhere on the forums, especially in the subject lines.

    8)All Off-Topic posts must be posted in the off-topic forum, its in the General section titles Almost Anything Goes. have fun w/ Lehman....

    9)Trolls are not welcome on the NYR forum website.

    10)Please always try and be considerate of your fellow SCCA members. The club is comprised of men and women, young and old, white, black, and all shades in between. Please keep this in mind when posting.

    11)No ethnic, religious belief or sexual preference "bashing" will be tolerated.

    12)No flame wars, if a topic appears inflammatory, the moderators will take care of it.

    13)Street racing posts of ANY kind, illegal or otherwise, must be posted is useless on this forum or they will be locked or deleted without warning or notification. SCCA does not support illegal street racing in any way, shape or form. Thats why we wake up at O'dark thirty and go racing!


    New Member

    New Member

    12 Dec 2010 04:23 PM

    Thanks for doing this!! And so we move another step furthur into the 21st century.

    Like the beer commercial says, "And here we go."

    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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