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Last Post 25 Jun 2009 12:44 AM by  Outlaw26
Toyota trucks rotting away
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26 Apr 2009 11:32 PM

    I'm not posting this to slam Toyota, honestly, but if you you've been using one as a tow vehicle you may want to read this

    If you have a Toyota as a tow vehicle, you'll want to read this

    watching this on the news

    One guy's truck fell apart going through the car wash
    [quote]Excerpts From Complaints About Toyota Tundra Trucks

    BOSTON -- Team 5 Investigates found more than two dozen complaints on file with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration detailing problems with rusted frames on 2000 and 2001 Toyota Tundras. Here are some excerpts:

    *** 2000 Toyota Tundra April 10, 2009

    "The frame in my truck has rotted out in less than 9 years."

    *** 2000 Toyota Tundra March 26, 2009

    "2000 Toyota Tundra with rust holes through frame, over and beside rear shock brackets and spring brackets. I am at my wits end with Toyota and have tried to resolve this obvious defect at every level. This has become a safety issue for myself and other drivers. It is just a matter of time before the frame will snap in half."

    *** 2000 Toyota Tundra March 11, 2009

    "I lost my brakes. I had the 2000 Tundra towed to our mechanic and they called and said the entire frame from the driver's seat to beyond the shocks was totally rusted and cracked! They said it was not driveable."

    *** 2000 Toyota Tundra November 1, 2008

    "Low mileage (72K) 2000 Tundra with extensive frame rust and rot in cross members. Spare tire almost fell off due to rust in supports, which tipped me off on how bad things were getting. Poked my finger right through the cross member the spare hangs from."

    *** 2000 Toyota Tundra December 21, 2008

    "My mechanic said it is unsafe to drive. Called Toyota. They told me to take it to a Toyota dealer for an estimate. The dealer's estimate was in excess of $5,000. The book value is $9,000, which is just what I owe. I called Toyota back. They said too bad, good luck, have a nice day. Here I am and I am not having a nice day."

    *** 2001 Toyota Tundra February 17, 2009

    "The mechanic pointed out excessive rust to cross members of frame. When the body was lifted off to replace these cross members, a crack was found in the frame. The truck is no longer safe to drive and has a value of $0 compared to the $9,000 before the discovery. Toyota will not back their product."

    *** 2001 Toyota Tundra October 15, 2008

    "I sent vehicle in for front brakes service again and the mechanic informed me of severe rust to the cross member on the frame all the way to the bed. He did not want me to put more money into the vehicle due to the extent of damage to the frame."

    Dave Hardy
    Advanced Member
    Advanced Member

    27 Apr 2009 08:08 AM
    I know that Toyota was buying back some years of the Tacoma which had similar issues. I wonder if the Tundra will get the same treatment. That said - this is from the land of snow and salt. Is this not an issue with all vehicles there? I'm from Atlanta - our cars don't rust. I once had an ex-Michigan DOT truck though, and it had rust in places I didn't know it had.
    Primetime Glick
    Veteran Member
    Veteran Member

    12 May 2009 01:40 PM

    I've heard a few stories Tundras of that ilk were having serious frame failures under heavy load. Sounds like it is more than rumours. In my browsing for tow vehicles I've specifically avoided them for these issues.

    Hopefully nothing will happen to my slightly rusty daily beater 00 Tacoma.... I drive it pretty hard. It would suck for a crossmember or seam weld to fail when I fly into the Golden Glades interchange at 90 mph...

    New Member
    New Member

    25 Jun 2009 12:44 AM
    Had my 97 Taco recalled to the dealer to check for frame rot last year, Dealer checked/found OK, don't know if it disappointed me or not that they didn't buy it back at market value+, because I love that truck and I would have had to turn around and buy another one.
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