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Last Post 11 May 2009 10:06 AM by  mavisky
Buyer Beware......Time to waive the RED FLAG???
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08 May 2009 03:23 PM

    I have some questions for Mr. Todd James and the RPM Racing League and or RPM Motorsports.

    Posted May 4, 2009 by Speed Teacher

    Hey Everyone,

    We are planning on building a dedicated autocross facility near Fort Wayne. In order to raise capital we are starting a 'buy a brick' campaign. The bricks will be used to build our "Victory Lane" area, which will be a nice centerpiece for our facility. The facility will have autocross-type activities throughout the year.

    So, what's it take to win an Evo?

    We have 50 spots available for people to sell bricks. The bricks are engraved and cost $125 and can be paid all at once, or $25 per month for five months. The top three people who sell the most bricks will get an Evo (around $17k to $18k value). We must hit sales targets in order to win. For anyone interested, I can explain how it works in more detail.
    I am also committed to helping anyone who wants it. I will help give you the best strategy to sell the most bricks. I just started and I have been pretty successful so far.

    There is also a cash bonus ($300 maybe) for anyone who sells more bricks than I do. Just to make things interesting and keep me on my toes.

    If you are interested in being on of the 50 people in this competition, let me know asap. I opened up the sign-up today and have 10 people already committed. I expect the 50 spots will be full by the end next weekend. The contest officially starts on 5/18 and will last for 20 weeks.

    If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.

    I will be at the Winged Warrior event on Saturday, May 9th if you want to stop by and help support Riley Children's Hospital. All proceeds go to the Riley Cheer Guild. It is a fantastic organization.

    Thank you for your time,

    Todd James
    Director of Marketing
    RPM Motorsports

    First Question....... Who are the 10 people already committed and how may i contact them?

    2.) Is the RPM Racing League a business or an idea? Does it have a Federal Tax ID Number?

    3.) If I or someone else 'buy a brick', where does this money go?

    4.) Do you or the business have 3 EVO's to give away to the top 3 sellers?

    5.) Who are the current top 3 sellers? How do you keep track of sales and how much money has been raised?

    6.) According to the website at" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> the 2009 season started in March, have i missed out on the first event? Why is the schedule not posted yet?

    7.) According to the website at" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> Tristan Criss won a full day race package in the EVO 8, how can I win this package and may I contact Mr. Criss for details about his experience?

    8.) Are all the events taking place at the Kruse Auction Park, and who may i contact at Kruse for details about this?

    9.) If you are building a site, where will it be located? Who will run the events? When will it be completed? Who is providing the insurance?

    10.) How many Mazda3's or Corvettes does the business own currently for use in the program?

    11.) If I "Reserve a spot" for myself or my team, how many events am I or we guarenteed to participate in?

    12.) What happens if there are no events this year? Or if the events number fewer than promised? Do I get my money back or a refund?

    13.) Do I get a receipt or a written contract after buying a brick, or paying for a spot in the league?

    14.) Is there a minimum amount of bricks I must sell to win an EVO, or do i just need to be in the top 3?

    15.) Do you provide the bricks for sale or do I do that on my own? If you are providing the bricks, where do they come from and how much do they cost?

    16.) Who is engraving the bricks? Is there an additional cost for engraving and may I contact that company for verification?

    17.) Why am I being asked to raise money for the business? Wouldn't seeking a business loan from a bank make more sense?

    18.) If I invest in RPM Racing League or RPM Motorsports, does that make me part owner and what rights and privileges does that provide me?

    19.) What are the benifits to joining this league as opposed to just running SCCA events?

    20.) Is the RPM Racing League registered with the Better Business Bureau and where can I find more information about RPM other than the website?

    It is my opinion that there are some serious questions that need to be answered publically concerning the the RPM Racing League. It is my goal with these questions to find out more about the RPM Racing League and to make sure that people are recieving what they are asked to pay for with their money. I have no intent to discredit the intentions of the RPM Racing League or Mr. Todd James, however when being asked to invest in something, the details should be public and crystal clear. I hope all these questions will be answered publically and in a timely manner.

    Just my .02

    Eric Lawson

    New Member

    New Member

    11 May 2009 10:06 AM

    I know this isn't a direct answer to some of your questions, but this was posted by Todd in the Indianapolis forum awhile ago. Thought it would help answer some until he comes in and answers the rest on his own.

    The goal is to raise about $500k for the construction of the site. It will cost about $350k for the land and the track. That will be enough for us to start generating income. We have over 15 different autocross-related events we intend to host. We are building a 'mini road course' as opposed to a big parking lot, which is a significant savings as far as racing surface cost. These numbers are quoted numbers from local companies, so I'm not 'guessing'. The course will be asphalt. Concrete would be nice to have a place to practice for Nationals, but its harder on tires (and our RPM cars will go through more tires) and the vast majority of our customers will not be national level autocrossers. In fact, most of them will have never autocrossed before.

    For each 1700 bricks that are sold, we will give away an Evo. It will most likely be a 2003 to 2005 Evo in the $17k to $18 range. We will purchase the Evo(s) once the goal is met. The money generated from the sale of bricks will be kept separately until we hit our first goal. Once we hit our first goal, we will be in a position to start construction. At that point we will award our first Evo and continue to our second milestone (3400 bricks).

    In order to qualify for the Evo, you must sell at least 100 bricks. At the completion of the contest (20 weeks after 5/18/09) we will award the prizes based on the total bricks sold. All those with over 100 bricks sold will be eligible. If we hit 1700 sales, we will give one away. If we hit 3400 sales, we will give the second one away, etc. As far as timing, we would like to start the construction this Fall so we can start our events in February of 2010. If we wait until 2010, then we won't be able to start construction until the weather breaks, which will cost us a couple months.

    As far as being in Indianapolis is concerned, we intend to offer many events that will draw from the Indy area. I agree most our 50 competitors may be from around Fort Wayne, but I have a young man who lives near Cleveland who is fired up and ready to go. Its all about creativity. We have already sold bricks to people in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Montana, Wisconsin, Maryland and Minnesota. There are actually a couple more states too, but they haven't quite committed yet. :)

    I have a very specific marketing approach to selling. So far, it has been received very well and we are already generating sales. We are keeping the group down to 50 or less so that I can be available to help each person get off to a good start. 100 bricks may sound like a lot, but we are also giving away a car, so to give away a prize this size, it should be challenging. The goal I have for myself is significantly higher. I am looking forward to the challenge.

    I appreciate the questions.


    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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