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Last Post 12 Jun 2009 09:57 PM by  OneEyeMedia
Event 3 Registration
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12 Jun 2009 09:41 PM


If you don't beat me driving Travis' well ST prepped car with me on all season touring tires, you should run through the paddock with your schwantz hanging out yelling "see anything you like, ladies?".


Our "buying" realtor for Ohio actually lives in Indiana. On one of our trips to look at houses, he drove an obviously modified Corvette. I asked him about it and one thing lead to another and of course he is very interested in AutoX. Possibly I can have him co-drive with me; he is nervous about driving his 'vette, although he has done only power adders, so it will probably handle like a pig.

Then again, it is Father's Day and my wife is giving me the evil eye right now. If it looks like there will not be a large turn-out and that the day might be short, I might still come. At the very least, my girls ask each weeked if there is autocross, so I will probably come with them to watch.

Jason, if you are driving, will Betty be bringing Ryan? If so, maybe we can coordinate so the girls can play with him.

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New Member

12 Jun 2009 09:57 PM

So, yea...hey ladies.....

I think Ryan will be hanging out at home with Betty and friends....not sure though.

All I know is I am totaly ready to have some FUN!

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